Sea fish species of Greece

"Thats interesting, I never knew you could catch bass and baracuda in Greece......." (Ενδιαφέρον, ποτέ δεν ήξερα πως μπορείς να πιάσει Λαβράκια και Μπαρακούντα στην Ελλάδα...)

Δεν ήξερε ο άνθρωπος πως στην Ελλάδα μπορεί κανείς όχι μόνο να πιάσει κάποιο ψάρι, αλλά ακόμα και το ψάρι της ζωής του ...

Η ανάρτηση αυτή λοιπόν απευθύνεται κυρίως στους ξένους αναγνώστες του SeaSpinning και γι αυτό θα συνεχίσω στα αγγλικά.

Greece is famous for the golden beaches and the wonderful islands, but that's not just it!
What most people do not know, is that in the Aegean, the Ionian and all the Hellenic seas, one can find almost any kind of gamefish, met in the Northern hemisphere. Whether you are a fan of saltwater or freshwater fishing, in Greece you may have the catch of your life!!!

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Jump on a boat !

In saltwater you may want to go offshore on a boat, chasing Amberjacks, Tunas, Bluefish, Mahi-Mahi Palometon (Leccia Amia) or other gamefish, using the technique you like.
You can go Trolling or Drifting or Vertical Jigging for the "Big fish", or you may want to use Tenya, Light Jigging, or even Spinning to go after Snappers, Barracudas, Seabass or False Albacores.

Or stay inshore...

In case you want to stay inshore, Spinning with the appropriate lures and softlures, will give you much adrenaline when a Barracuda finds your lure irresistable (it happens really often...). You may want to go Spinning on the foamy rocks after a windy day, looking for the pure silver of the coast, the King, the Seabass. But be careful in that case, because -as I say often- you will never know what may hit your lure... Be prepared for the extreme!!!

It is not well known, but it was in Greece, where the Shore Jigging had it's first steps in Europe. At least there is not a known other source before 2007... Using the Jigs from a rocky shore, it is not rare to catch an Amberjack or a Dentex, or a big Barracuda or even a Tuna (mostly a big False Albacore) . In all those cases, adrenaline will flow in you blood in large quantities, since the strength of -let's say- an Amberjack, is unparalleled when caught from the shore.

You are not fan of Game-Fishing?

Are you a fan of Casting and Surfcasting? In that case be prepared for fishing nights (or days) when your rod tips will "bound" again and again... I do not have much to say here, but I will provide a photo of a good fishing day from my friend Vaggelis.

Still not convinced?

A lot of information about fishing in Greece you may find in the following Salt water fishihg sites, made by Greek fishermen :

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And what about Fresh Waters?

What many people (even in Greece) ignore, are the potentials of the Hellenic Fresh Water Fishing.
Many lakes and rivers of Greece, are home for Carp, Trout (Rainbow, Fario, Brown), Pike, Perch, Barbel or even gigantic Catfish. I think (not sure) that the largest Catfsh caught in Greece with a fishing line was about 160kg!!!

Fly-fishing, Match-fishing, Carp-fishing, Spinning, or whatever technique you may want to use, there is no chance that you will not have a great time in a breathtaking beautiful environment. The Greek hospitality is famous and in the Greek mountains you will find simple people, who will provide you with shelter and guidance for relaxing vacations and great fishing experiences.

More information about fishing in the Fresh Waters of Greece you can find in three great fishing sites made by Greek fishermen.

One may ask "So if everything is as said, then how come I 've never heard of fishing in Greece?"

Well the thing is that fishing was never concidered as a sport activity. Fishing was always more of a make-a-living activity and as such, the education of the people on Catch-and-Release and other sensitive matters was left behind.

Also in Greece there was never (until only recently) a site or a magazine with a world wide publicity. In the latest years, some people -like the ones owning the fishing sites I already mentioned- using the great power of the internet, did some nice work and finally Fishing-in-Greece has a potential to be made known to the world.

Greeks are sea people. We have always been. As such we had advanced fishing techniques since ancient times.

From the ancient settlement of Akrotiri, a fisherman with a bunch of Mahi-Mahi.

We are here to continue our fishing legacy, advance it and show the world that if you want to go fishing in Europe, it is worth to visit our waters in your journey...

There was an advertising message a few years ago, saying "Live your Myth in Greece" . I will rephrase it and say...

Fish your Myth in Greece...

Have a good fishing ;-)

"Many fisheries are in trouble."

2010-02-16 13:22:52 by krizpy99

Worldwide, it is estimated that some 90 percent of species of large predatory fish are gone. Domestically, of 230 assessed U.S. fisheries, 54 stocks are classified as overfished, 45 are experiencing overfishing, and the status of just over half of the nation’s stocks are unknown. (See what Environmental Defense is doing to address the challenges.)
America's fishing communities are also suffering. The collapse of New England's cod fishery in the early 1990s cost an estimated 20,000 jobs. About 72,000 jobs have been lost because of dwindling salmon stocks in the Pacific Northwest alone

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