New Zealand Ocean fish species

Using the Best Fish Guide allows consumers to support eco-friendly fisheries,while sending a message to those that have fallen behind.

We’ll also relieve the pressure on the most overexploited seafood species and alleviate harm to the environment.

To make it even easier,16 top New Zealand chefs have supplied recipes for our top seafood choices.

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Forest & Bird advocates building a more sustainable seafood industry. We’re continually working with government departments,industry and conservation organisations so future generations will continue to enjoy New Zealand kai moana.

We are grateful for the support of The Lion Foundation in producing the Best Fish Guide.

The University of North Carolina Press Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks: The Complete Guide to Catching More Fish from Surf, Pier, Sound, and Ocean (Southern Gateways Guides)
Book (The University of North Carolina Press)

Hearing fishermen's pleas, Uye, who had be

2009-11-16 13:05:39 by icono_clast

Hearing fishermen's pleas, Uye, who had been studying zooplankton, became obsessed with the little-studied Nomura's jellyfish, scientifically known as Nemopilema nomurai, which at its biggest looks like a giant mushroom trailing dozens of noodle-like tentacles.
"No one knew their life cycle, where they came from, where they reproduced," said Uye, 59. "This jellyfish was like an alien."
He artificially bred Nomura's jellyfish in his Hiroshima University lab, learning about their life cycle, growth rates and feeding habits. He traveled by ferry between China to Japan this year to confirm they were riding currents to Japanese waters

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Game and Fish notebook (Jan. 23, 2014)  — Russellville Courier
“This allows the predator fish to feed heavily on the forage fish species. Consequently, the predator fish species are fatter and healthier during the next years spawning season,” she explained.

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