New Zealand Coastal fish species

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By Malcolm Francis. Paperback, 0.9kg, 171mm x 240mm, 268 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013.
Coastal Fishes of New Zealand provides a comprehensive, informative and up-to-date identification guide to the fishes likely to be encountered by New Zealand divers and fishers.

Illustrated with hundreds of superb colour photographs of live fish in thier natural habitats, this book includes all of New Zealand's common reef fishes, and also many of those that live in other habitats. using the latest research, marine scientist Malcolm Francis also provides a wealth of other information about identifying features, geographical distribution, habitat and size for 219 species of fish. s feeding, growth, spawning and behaviour are also discussed. If you were to have one book on the abundant fish life found around our coasts, this is the one to own.

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A Photographic Guide
By Jorge Hirt-Chabbert. flexicover, 0.41kg, 170mm x 240mm, 136 pages, full colour photographs. Reprinted 2012.
br> This book is the result of research and observation of fishes most commonly caught (and sometimes confused) by commercial and recreational fishers.
Jorge Hirt-Chabbert provides a user-friendly guide that makes the process of identifying your catch simple. Visual clues are the paramount guide to naming your fish, with technical information about the species kept to a minimum. spawning times, average lenght and weight, and physical features unique to a species.
Fish Species of New Zealand is a book for commercial and recreational fishers, whether beginner or expert. It can be used as a guide to a focussed species catch, or as a reference to find out what's been caught while fishing from a dinghy.

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By Jenny & Tony Enderby. Paperback, 0.4kg, 152mm x 216mm, 176 pages, full colour photos.
New Zealand's seas and freshwater habitats are home to more than 1100 known fish species, with scientists regularly adding new discoveries to the tally. Whether you like to fish, snorkel, dive or swim off the beaches and lake shores, or you simply have a personal interest in aquatic life, you'll welcome this fact-packed book. Featuring fishes of the rocky and sandy shores, reefs and open water, as well as some of the unusual species that wash in on tropical currents, not to mention representatives from rivers and lakes,
  • Know Your New Zealand Fishes describes more than 80 of the country's best-known or most significant species.

The University of North Carolina Press Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks: The Complete Guide to Catching More Fish from Surf, Pier, Sound, and Ocean (Southern Gateways Guides)
Book (The University of North Carolina Press)

Hearing fishermen's pleas, Uye, who had be

2009-11-16 13:05:39 by icono_clast

Hearing fishermen's pleas, Uye, who had been studying zooplankton, became obsessed with the little-studied Nomura's jellyfish, scientifically known as Nemopilema nomurai, which at its biggest looks like a giant mushroom trailing dozens of noodle-like tentacles.
"No one knew their life cycle, where they came from, where they reproduced," said Uye, 59. "This jellyfish was like an alien."
He artificially bred Nomura's jellyfish in his Hiroshima University lab, learning about their life cycle, growth rates and feeding habits. He traveled by ferry between China to Japan this year to confirm they were riding currents to Japanese waters

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“This allows the predator fish to feed heavily on the forage fish species. Consequently, the predator fish species are fatter and healthier during the next years spawning season,” she explained.

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