Georgia coast fish species

Flounder is usually not the first species that comes to mind when you are specifically targeting one type of fish. But make no mistake, it can be done and on many days with huge success. I am sure almost every one of us has been inshore fishing for “whatever bites” or even targeting Reds or Trout and come up with a nice Flounder. This happens quite frequently, as Flounder hold in many different places. When targeting Flounder around St Simons Island, we look for areas that will hold more than just one or two. As with all species, if you catch a Flounder throw back in and work the area thoroughly, because you may have just found a gathering spot-they will congregate in pretty big numbers--just like Reds and Trout.

You must be prepared to lose some jig heads if you are going to become a Flounder pounder. Our favorite areas usually have one thing in common: structure. This structure is usually pretty gnarly and manmade. One of the most commonly shared tips on Flounder fishing is to drag a mud minnow in the mouth of a small creek or run out--and this does work. BUT, for numbers and size, fishing the nasty stuff will pay big dividends. Flounder like docks, rocks, jetties, rip rap, pilings, bridge rubble, bulkheads, wrecks or any obstruction a Flounder can lie next to and ambush bait. Finding this kind of structure is no problem on inshore waters of the Golden Isles.

Clean water also helps when Flounder fishing. Although Flounder have a very pronounced lateral line that picks up movement and vibration, they rely on sight very heavily-- and their sight range is less than that of other fish due to their eye placement.

The technique is very simple.
Proximate composition and fatty acid signatures of selected forage fish species in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Book (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Cats threaten endangered species.

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. - With 4 million to 6 million unwanted animals - mostly cats - put to sleep each year in the United States, some people might consider it more humane to free the felines into the wild.
But as these cats forage for food and establish their territories, they kill more than a billion small mammals and birds each year, many of which are threatened or endangered, a University of Florida study shows.
Feral, or free-roaming, untamed cats pose a serious threat to endangered species nationwide as colonies of the wild cats have grown, largely because local groups provide funding and resources to sustain them, according to the UF study commissioned by the U

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Game and Fish notebook (Jan. 23, 2014)  — Russellville Courier
“This allows the predator fish to feed heavily on the forage fish species. Consequently, the predator fish species are fatter and healthier during the next years spawning season,” she explained.

Northland Tackle Live Forage Weedless Spoon Crappie
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An evaluation of introduced sport and forage fish species in Pactola Reservoir, 1989-1990 (Progress report)
Book (Dept. of Game, Fish and Parks, Wildlife Division)
Purina Mills Game Fish Chow Purina Mills Game Fish Chow
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  • Fish Meal and an Attractant- high palatability for quick, consistent feed consumption.
  • Improves growth of forage fish- produces trophy Bass. Complete and balanced nutrition-ideal for a variety of fish species.
Chemical Composition and Digestibility By Mule Deer of Selected Forage Species, Cache La Poudre Range, Colorado
Book (Co dept of Game and fish)

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