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Shelley - NSWLocated on the East Coast of Australia, the vast coastline of New South Wales (NSW) provides a great amount of choice for scuba diving. Spread across 2000 kilometres / 1250 miles of coastline, there is a host of amazing dive sites that will suit all levels of diving experience. As a travel destination, NSW has plenty to see and do. Below you will find an overview of the different regions in NSW.


Sydney, the capital of NSW, is a true cosmopolitan city known for its stunning harbour and famous landmarks. Brimming with culture, art, fashion and cuisine, this place has something for everyone. The city is home to The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and a number of glistening beaches.

For a city of its size, Sydney has some world class diving. Popular dive sites in Sydney include Bare Island, Camp Cove and Shelly Beach, just to name a few. At these great dive sites you can expect to see an impressive range of marine life including Gropers, Rays, Weedy Sea Dragons and numerous fish species. A diver in Sydney really is spoilt for choice. There is an extensive selection of amazing sites for the less experienced diver as well as a range of dive sites suitable for more experienced divers.North Coast NSW ed off Avoca Beach near Terrigal and now serves as a world-class artificial reef and dive site. Sitting bolt upright in 32 metres of water, this site is the first of its kind in NSW.

Far North Coast:

The beautiful weather and tropical warm currents make for some fantastic diving on the far north coast of NSW. Here the mixing of warmer currents and cooler waters creates an impressive biodiversity. Located near the famous Byron Bay is the Julian Rocks Marine Park. Brimming with marine life, the Julian Rocks Marine Park has been rated by many as one of Australia’s top 10 diving destinations. Cook Island off Tweed Heads is another highlight of the Far North Coast. Situated in an aquatic reserve, Cook Island is a true natural wonder.

Mid North Coast & Newcastle:

South West Rocks is a fantastic dive spot on the mid north coast of NSW. A favorite among local divers is the Fish Rock Cave because of its abundant marine life. The opportunity of diving with Grey Nurse Sharks is also popular in both locations and Humpback Whales also frequent these waters during certain times of the year. Solitary Islands Marine Park is located just north of Coffs Harbour and has over 25 dive sites to explore. Interestingly, here you will find a unique mix of warm water and temperate water marine species depending on the season.

Dietary Accumulation of PCBs from a Contaminated Sediment Source by a Demersal Fish Species (Leiostomus xanthurus)
Book (PN)

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–noun, plural ( especially collectively ) -fish, ( especially referring to two or more kinds or species ) -fish·es.
1. any of the flat-bodied, marine fishes of the family Ogcocephalidae, as Ogcocephalus vespertilio, common in the southern Atlantic coastal waters of the U.S.
2. a stingray, Aetobatis californicus, found off the coast of California.
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Deterministic yield per recruitment simulations of mixed-species fisheries (C.M. 1982 / G : 35. Demersal Fish Committee)
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