Alabama Inshore Fish Species

The vast Mobile-Tensaw Delta may have the corner on notoriety in terms of outdoors activities, but when it comes to cool-weather fishing there is another spot in south Alabama that deserves some credit.

Fish River lives up to its name in the fall and winter for anglers who love to catch the inshore saltwater species, as well as freshwater fish.

Fish River is a small, spring-fed, coastal river in Baldwin County with relatively deep water that runs into Weeks Bay, which flows into Mobile Bay at Viewpoint ramp.

The thing Jay Gunn, a biologist aide with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Marine Resources Division and avid inshore angler, likes about Fish River is its size. Unlike the Delta, where an angler may have to search for days to find the fish, Fish River’s dimensions makes it much easier to locate the target species.

“It has some 27-28-foot holes, ” Gunn said of Fish River. “These are thermal refuges and stay a little warmer in the winter. The best thing is the fishable water only about five miles long, from Highway 32 to Highway 98, with the widest part about 250 yards.”

The fare this time of year in Fish River include: speckled trout, white trout, flounder and redfish for the saltwater species, while largemouth bass are also regulars in the creel. However, those largemouth bass should be caught and released. There is a “no consumption” advisory for mercury in largemouth bass in

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Copper is also toxic to fish, especially

2002-04-04 03:51:43 by MeM

Goldfish. There are several vital dyes that are relatively safe for FRESHWATER fish with ich (I know nothing about saltwater fishes) that are sold in pet stores: methylene blue is very safe for fishes but kills plants. There is a more commonly used drug now, malachite green, which is safe for plants and fairly safe for most fishes. But I believe a few kinds of FW fishes have trouble with it.
If I remember right, you don't have to change the water after using M.G., it naturally breaks down. But you will after M.B., first because it stains the water a deep blue, second because of your plants

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