South Australian Saltwater fish species

Southern Right WhaleIt's not just Southern Right whales that grace our waters in South Australia ... 29 other whale species have been recorded, from small Common dolphins (2m) to the largest animal ever to have lived, the Blue whale (30m). There are over 80 species of whales in the world, and all whales belong to the order Cetacea (Suh-TAY-sha).

Whales evolved from a common ancestor 55 million years ago – an ancient wolf-like animal that foraged at the water's edge. Eventually, this creature evolved into the two basic kinds of today's whales. They are essentially divided by their feeding apparatus: baleen whales and toothed whales.

Sperm WhaleBaleen whales (like Southern Rights) are filter feeders, using baleen to sieve tiny marine crustaceans from the sea. They are primarily migratory species, needing to travel to the Antarctic waters in summer when their prey is most plentiful.

Toothed whales have teeth. Their main food is fish, although some species have other preferences as well, such as Killer whales (Orcas) which love seals and sea lions, and Sperm whales, which prey on large squid.


Six of the most often seen species are the Southern Right, Humpback, Sperm and Killer Whales, and Common dolphins. Each species can be identified by the shape of their blow, and the size and shape of their tail flukes and pectoral fins.(See Identifying Species)

Humpback Whale

Southern Right Whale:

14 – 18 metres.

Dark brown to black with white patches on belly; no dorsal fin; white skin callosities on head; V-shaped blow;A large, rotund whale. Endangered.

Sperm Whale:

12 – 18 metres.

Black to brownish grey with white patches on mouth and belly; huge square head; heavily wrinkled skin; blow angles forward and to the left. Deep divers (up to 3km); feed on squid and fish. Classified as Insufficiently Known.

Humpback Whale:

13 – 16 metres. Dark brown to black with white on flippers, flanks and belly; knobs on top of head and throat grooves; bushy blow; extremely long pectoral (side) fins. Vulnerable.

Minke Whale:

8 – 10 metres. Dark, slate grey with pale to white undersides and white marks on flippers; sharply pointed head; tall dorsal fin; inconspicuous blow. A small baleen whale. Classified as secure.

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Copper is also toxic to fish, especially

2002-04-04 03:51:43 by MeM

Goldfish. There are several vital dyes that are relatively safe for FRESHWATER fish with ich (I know nothing about saltwater fishes) that are sold in pet stores: methylene blue is very safe for fishes but kills plants. There is a more commonly used drug now, malachite green, which is safe for plants and fairly safe for most fishes. But I believe a few kinds of FW fishes have trouble with it.
If I remember right, you don't have to change the water after using M.G., it naturally breaks down. But you will after M.B., first because it stains the water a deep blue, second because of your plants

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