Saltwater fish of Coastal Georgia

Along the Georgia Coast

BRUNSWICK, GA. (Jan 8, 2014) – Several anglers who help the Department of Natural Resources collect data on saltwater fish populations got a surprise this past Christmas courtesy of the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation.

Three individuals – Ben Brewton of Augusta, Skip Russell of St. Simons Island, and Scott Stroop of Savannah – received Georgia Lifetime Sportsman’s licenses. Brewton gifted his to son, Ben Brewton, Jr. and Russell passed his to son-in-law, Camden Helder. The winners were chosen at random from participants in the Cooperative Sportfish Tagging Project and Marine Sportfish Carcass Recovery Project.

“Anglers who participate in our cooperative projects are citizen scientists helping the department to cost effectively collect data on speckled trout, redfish, tripletail, black drum, and other saltwater fish, ” commented Spud Woodward, director of the Coastal Resources Division. “Their efforts improve management and exemplify the stewardship ethic that is the foundation of effective conservation.”

Eight other participants were chosen to receive Bass Pro Shops gift cards – Richard Brockhoff, Alan Collins, Comer Gheesling, Wendell Harper, Greg Hildreth, Jack McGowan, Toby Mohrman, and Fred Voight.

“Through their actions in the woods and on the water, hunters and anglers are the true managers of our wildlife and fish. Those who participate in the data collection projects have made a personal commitment ensuring that Georgia continues to be a great destination for outdoor recreation. We’re pleased to help the Georgia Department of Natural Resources reward these dedicated sportsmen and hope our efforts will inspire others to join them, ” said Georgia Natural Resources Foundation chairman Glen Wilkins.

The mission of the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation is to support DNR efforts to sustain, enhance, protect and conserve the state’s natural, historic and cultural resources. The foundation’s focus includes recognizing the importance of promoting the development of commerce and industry that use sound environmental practices. Learn more at


While it’s certainly great to win a free license, Georgians who buy a lifetime sportsman license are also getting a great deal, one that benefits fish, wildlife and all who enjoy the outdoors.

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Copper is also toxic to fish, especially

2002-04-04 03:51:43 by MeM

Goldfish. There are several vital dyes that are relatively safe for FRESHWATER fish with ich (I know nothing about saltwater fishes) that are sold in pet stores: methylene blue is very safe for fishes but kills plants. There is a more commonly used drug now, malachite green, which is safe for plants and fairly safe for most fishes. But I believe a few kinds of FW fishes have trouble with it.
If I remember right, you don't have to change the water after using M.G., it naturally breaks down. But you will after M.B., first because it stains the water a deep blue, second because of your plants

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