Oceanic Saltwater Fish Tanks


This aquarium set up new is upwards of $4, 500. This is a reef ready 144 gallon Oceanic half circle acrylic aquarium. This is a plug and play system that has everything needed for a thriving saltwater reef aquarium!
-Pro Clear Aquatic System-200 gallon wet/dry filter
-Precision Marine Protein Skimmer Bullet-1 (air injected and ozone ready) value $579.99
-Precision Marine - Waste Collector model WC410;value $117.99
-2 Mag 9.5 Sump Pumps (tank water circulation) (E160713); value $116.99 each
-Red Sea Wavemaster Pro Wave Maker; value $159.99
-4 MP-1200 Maxi-Jet Power Head Pump 295 G/H; value $29.00 each
-2 All Glass Aquarium 48" fluorescent light fixtures. Model CD-930663; value $115.00 each
-over 300 pounds of live rock
-Live Coral
-Dried Seaweed (for vegeterian fish) and dried fish food
-Lots of other items not listed is included.
-Mahogany finish Tank stand is also included and matches the mahogany finish that is on the canopy of the fish tank.

This is an unbelievable deal on an unbelievable aquarium. My loss is your gain! Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or is interested in seeing it.

Copper is also toxic to fish, especially

2002-04-04 03:51:43 by MeM

Goldfish. There are several vital dyes that are relatively safe for FRESHWATER fish with ich (I know nothing about saltwater fishes) that are sold in pet stores: methylene blue is very safe for fishes but kills plants. There is a more commonly used drug now, malachite green, which is safe for plants and fairly safe for most fishes. But I believe a few kinds of FW fishes have trouble with it.
If I remember right, you don't have to change the water after using M.G., it naturally breaks down. But you will after M.B., first because it stains the water a deep blue, second because of your plants

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