California Saltwater Fish Species


The Marine Region newsletter, , has featured a fish identification quiz in each issue since 2005. The quizzes not only aim to help fishermen identify marine fish, they summarize the following information to provide hints on each species' identity:

  • life history
  • species range
  • size
  • preferred habitat
  • regulations
  • commercial fishery information
  • recreational fishery information

To enter the quiz drawing, participants must provide a correct common name, the correct scientific name, and the correct California bag limit. Entrants who win the drawing receive a CDFW Saltwater Fish Tagging Program cap. Select any of the quizzes below, and see how well you know your California marine fishes and fishing regulations!

Read the Marine Management News to learn more about the management and conservation of California's living marine resources.
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Assur abolished cannibalism

2013-02-08 09:04:59 by balladromic

Humans are a predatory species. We are the top predators on this planet. We prey on plants. We prey on animals. We prey on fish, mammals, mollusks, and on the other predators in the seas. Although humans don’t generally eat a lot of insects, we prey on insect products like honey and silk, and the shells of beetles that we use for dyes.
We prey on everything including other humans. How widely cannibalism was practiced amongst our ancestors isn't clearly known, but the abolition of cannibalism was one of Assur's legendary deeds. Cannibalism has been universally suppressed so we don't eat other people, but we still prey upon their products, their labor, their lands, and their resources.

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