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five starter fish every saltwater aquarium hobbyist should avoid The cleaner wrasse, a species to avoid

What is a saltwater starter fish?

When you set up a saltwater fish tank, the first fish you put in the tank (the fish you start with) could be considered starter fish. When applied broadly, the term starter fish probably refers to a fish that is good to add when setting up a saltwater tank.

An unfortunate reality when setting up a saltwater tank is that the first few starter fish you add to the tank may not live. This phenomenon is sometimes called New Tank Syndrome, and it often takes the lives of some of our first fish. Perhaps the two biggest causes of New Tank Syndrome are ammonia toxicity and fluctuation in water parameters. New filters cannot adequately clean up the waste that is produced in a new saltwater tank. That waste can become toxic and take the life of your first fish.

One of 5 starter fish to avoid--the mandarinfishA good saltwater starter fish will be able to tolerate the less-than-perfect living conditions in a new tank.

Six attributes of a good saltwater starter fish are:

  • Hardiness—saltwater starter fish must be able to tolerate harsh and possibly fluctuating aquarium. You want to select a hardy, tolerant species as a starter fish
  • Parasite resistance—certain species of fish seem more prone to contract life-threatening parasite infection from nuisance parasites like saltwater ich (white spot disease), or amyloodinium (marine velvet). A good saltwater starter fish will be parasite resistant
  • Inexpensive—saltwater fish can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. It should go without saying that a good saltwater starter fish will be relatively inexpensive.A starter fish to avoid--the panther grouper ble, just that a good starter fish will be relatively inexpensive.
  • Peacefulness—since your starter fish are going to be the first fish you put in your tank, a good starter fish must be a peaceful (non-territorial, non-aggressive) species.
  • Vibrance—the size of your tank is going to limit the number of fish and coral you can add. Make every fish count. Don’t waste your time adding a drab or uninteresting fish.
  • Interest—a good saltwater starter fish should be interesting—different species of fish have different personalities, for lack of a better word. Some are timid, some are bold, some are fast swimmers, some seem to waddle. A good starter fish will have an interesting personality.

Saltwater fish that don’t meet those criteria are probably NOT good starter fish and should not be added to your tank as one of the first fish.

Five starter fish every saltwater hobbyist should avoid

While the list above may seem like straightforward criteria to judge the best saltwater starter fish, sometimes aquarists choose fish that should be avoided. Here is a list of 5 saltwater fish that may seem like an ok choice as starter fish, but should be avoided.

Assur abolished cannibalism

2013-02-08 09:04:59 by balladromic

Humans are a predatory species. We are the top predators on this planet. We prey on plants. We prey on animals. We prey on fish, mammals, mollusks, and on the other predators in the seas. Although humans don’t generally eat a lot of insects, we prey on insect products like honey and silk, and the shells of beetles that we use for dyes.
We prey on everything including other humans. How widely cannibalism was practiced amongst our ancestors isn't clearly known, but the abolition of cannibalism was one of Assur's legendary deeds. Cannibalism has been universally suppressed so we don't eat other people, but we still prey upon their products, their labor, their lands, and their resources.

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