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1 Ningaloo Reef, WA
Just off the coast of WA's Cape Range peninsula, and about 1055km north of Perth, this park is home to the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. Swim among whale sharks, the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef's most famous regular visitors, when they arrive in April for the coral-spawning season.

2 Rottnest Island, Marine Reserve, WA
Scalyfins, nudibranchs and Western Australian dhufish are just some of the many marine creatures gracing the reefs near Rottnest Island, 25km off the coast of Perth. Snorkel at the coral communities near one of the island's secluded beaches, or join a guided diving tour to see the surrounding reef's treasures.

3 Solitary Islands Marine Park, NSW
More than 550 species of reef fish, 90 species of hard coral and 600 species of mollusc have been identified in the 72200ha park. The first marine park established in NSW, Solitary Islands is home to a range of habitats - open ocean, estuaries, beaches and subtidal reefs.

4 Ribbon Number Three Reef, QLD
Located in the north of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this 1100ha outer-shelf ribbon reef has benefited from its remoteness. At Steve's Bommie dive site you can see minke whales, barracuda and batfish between June and August, and other species like whitetip reef sharks and blue-stripe snapper year-round.

5 Green Island National Park, QLD
Just 27km offshore from Cairns, this is a popular place to explore reefs in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Snorkel near the fragile, branching corals in the sheltered lagoon, or see almost 200 varieties of hard coral and more than 100 types of soft coral from a glass-bottomed boat.

6 Gove Peninsula, NT
Inshore areas of this remote locale are not for snorkellers - saltwater crocs make the sport a dangerous exercise - but divers will find plenty of coral communities to explore in offshore reefs surrounding the Peninsula, 650km east of Darwin.

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Assur abolished cannibalism

2013-02-08 09:04:59 by balladromic

Humans are a predatory species. We are the top predators on this planet. We prey on plants. We prey on animals. We prey on fish, mammals, mollusks, and on the other predators in the seas. Although humans don’t generally eat a lot of insects, we prey on insect products like honey and silk, and the shells of beetles that we use for dyes.
We prey on everything including other humans. How widely cannibalism was practiced amongst our ancestors isn't clearly known, but the abolition of cannibalism was one of Assur's legendary deeds. Cannibalism has been universally suppressed so we don't eat other people, but we still prey upon their products, their labor, their lands, and their resources.

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