Predatory ocean fish

Experts estimate that

Story and photos by Marty Snyderman

Of course, not all fishes live in schools. Solitary species use other ways to help them avoid predators. For example, when...

Warm water ocean fish becoming toxic

2010-04-13 09:09:57 by generalhospital

Fish Tale
NY Times By LISA SANDERS, M.D. Published: April 5, 2010
“…Ciguatera poisoning comes from eating fish that has been contaminated with a toxin produced by an organism that grows on reef algae in some infested tropical waters. Because the toxin is stored in fat, it’s concentration increases as it moves up the food chain from the little fish who eat the tainted algae to the larger, predatory fish, like shark, snapper, grouper and barracuda, and from there to the human consumer. Unlike most other causes of food poisoning, this toxin is colorless and odorless and isn’t destroyed by cooking

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