Predatory marine fish List


Story and photos by Marty Snyderman

Of course, not all fishes live in schools. Solitary species use other ways to help them avoid predators. For example, when...

Heron notes... more

2005-03-26 19:48:25 by adavisus

8) Aquatic plants... A heavily planted pond makes life very difficult for predators, even though the big bright dumber fish will always be taken first, shy nervous timid (smart) fish and the little 'uns ought to be able to find good hidey holes easy... the rafts of aquatic iris, water lilies make life very difficult for hunters to find fish, let alone move around or risk stumbling among
9) Fish feeding routine.... Have a special food signal, like tap a stone three times at feed time. You don't want your fish to associate every visitor to your pond, with a free meal.... one day it will be a heron, looking for freebies

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