Predatory fish spectacle markings

A Mosquito
We all have some idea about which animals are ok to be close to and which should be avoided at all costs, but how many of us actually know what the most dangerous animals in the world are, and more importantly, which creature is the deadliest of them all. Here are our top ten:
  1. Mosquito
    Despite being the smallest animal on this list, it is by far the most deadly. They feed on blood so transfer parasites easily between animals. Found in a variety of habitats around the world. They are responsible for more than 2 million human deaths every year.

    Box Jellyfish
  2. Asian Cobra
    Although not the world's most poisonous snake it is responsible for the most deaths. Found in the jungles across central and eastern Asia. Their hoods have spectacle-like markings on the back to confuse other animals. They can grow up to 18ft long.
  3. Box Jellyfish
    They can have up to 60 tentacles each growing up to 15ft long. Each tentacle has 5, 000 stinging cells containing enough toxin to kill up to 60 people. Also known as the sea wasp as it swims with a jet-like motion. nd Northern Australia.
  4. Great White Shark
    They can grow to more than 8 meters in length. It is the world's largest predatory fish. Found in water from 1 meter to 1, 200 meters deep. They will eat almost anything that moves using their hundreds of sharp teeth.

    Saltwater Crocodile
  5. Lion
    One of the biggest and most powerful cats in the world. An adult's roar can be so loud it can be heard up to a few miles away. Have 30 teeth including four fang-like canines. to 7 meters long. Found in Northern Australia and parts of South-East Asia. Will eat anything that they can fit in their mouths. Thought to be able to run faster than a racehorse.

    Polar Bear
  6. Elephant
    They are the biggest animals on the land growing to 3.5 tall. More than 500 people worldwide are killed by them every year. Each one of their molar teeth can weigh up to 5kg. Their enormous tusks can grow to 2.5 meters in length.
  7. Polar Bear
    They are the world's largest bears growing to around 3 meters long. They are apex carnivores primarily hunting large mammals like seals. teeth and sharp claws are perfect for tearing through meat. They can swim as well as out-run any human being.

    Poison Dart Frog
  8. Buffalo
    This enormous herbivore is found across the African continent. They can weigh up 900kg and measure nearly 2 meters in length. Their large, sharp horns are perfectly designed for defence. Thousands of them can run at once causing a destructive stampede.
  9. Poison Dart Frog
    These tiny frogs are found deep in the South American jungles. Their backs secrete a slimy neurotoxin which is produced to keep predators away. The toxin produced by each frog is potent enough to kill 10 humans. These frogs were named by native tribesman who used the toxin to tip their arrows.

Descended from Ancestor With Sixth Sense

2011-10-12 10:07:43 by iblisgaurdianangel

Most Vertebrates -- Including Humans -- Descended from Ancestor With Sixth Sense
ScienceDaily (Oct. 11, 2011) — People experience the world through five senses but sharks, paddlefishes and certain other aquatic vertebrates have a sixth sense: They can detect weak electrical fields in the water and use this information to detect prey, communicate and orient themselves.
A study in the Oct. 11 issue of Nature Communications that caps more than 25 years of work finds that the vast majority of vertebrates -- some 30,000 species of land animals (including humans) and a roughly equal number of ray-finned fishes -- descended from a common ancestor that had a well-developed electroreceptive system

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