Pelagic Fishes of India

Fishery Survey of India
Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 80 (4(Suppl.1)). pp. 39-45.




The paper briefly reviews the taxonomic status of the marine pelagic fishes of India, lists the research priorities and conservation strategies concerning these fishes. While the taxonomic status of commercially important species/groups of pelagic marine fishes is fairly well determined, the need for such studies on all other lesser known species is pointed out. In the present context of high fishing intensity, minimizing the effects of fishing based on certain biological attributes, would ensure the sustainability of marine pelagic fisheries and the conservation of species.

University Of Chicago Press Fishes of the Open Ocean: A Natural History and Illustrated Guide
Book (University Of Chicago Press)


2003-03-05 09:26:48 by fishisfine

Most of the sport fish caught are pelagic fish and do not live year round in sf bay. its not harmful to eat them. not many salmon are caught in the actual bay like someone said earlier and they are perfectly fine to eat anyways.
its the scrapper fish like croackers and other smaller fish that ingest the shit off the bottom which are harmful. though bigger fish do eat them and the chain is is still such a small trace amount and unless your some person who fishes everyday for dinner which i dought. (not many of those families can afford an internet sevice)
you wont get sick

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