Pelagic fisheries resources of India

This fast swimming pelagic
: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. Pillai, V N and Menon, N G, (eds.) CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 249-258.




The annual pelagic fish production increased from 0.30 million t during 1950 to 1.2 million t during 1996 along the Indian coast. The four fold increase in production was due to mechanisation, motorisation of the country crafts, introduction of larger mechanised boats etc. Kerala ranked first among the maritime states of India, contributing 31% of the total pelagic fish followed by Gujarat (13.7%)and Tamil Nadu (13.0%). Out of the 250 species that contribute to the pelagic fisheries, only about 60 species belonging to 7 groups form fisheries of substantial magnitude. The groups which exceed one lakh t in production per year were mackerel, oil sardine, anchovies, carangids and Bombay duck. The fluctuations in the landings of oil sardine and Indian mackerel and the gear-wise production of pelagics are discussed in the paper. Suitable management measures and suggestions for future research priorities for sustaining the pelagic fisheries have suggested in this overview.

Cambridge University Press Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish
Book (Cambridge University Press)

This tuna is hungry

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Tunas are migratory pelagic fishes inhabiting all the world's oceans from temperate to equatorial regions. Although most tunas are spawned in tropical waters, general biological characteristics and habitat ranges of the adults vary among species. Although all tuna species have extreme habitat ranges from the Equator to temperate regions, it is convenient to classify species on the basis of their temperature preference as tropical tunas (skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis and yellowfin, Thunnus albacares), subtropical tunas (bigeye, Thunnus obesus and albacore, Thunnus alalunga) and temperate tunas (northern and southern bluefin, Thunnus thynnus and T. maccoyii). Tagging studies have shown that all major species of tunas are capable of large-scale movements (>

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