Pelagic fish in Malaysia

Masked butterfly fish shelters near some hard coral as divers swim overhead;

Malaysia in a Nutshell: The Golden Peninsula

With 11 states in the Malayan peninsula, and Sabah and Sarawak in the island of Borneo, Malaysia is known to be a diverse melting pot of various racial groups with residents comprised of 57% Malay. The remaining percentage of its population is composed of Chinese, Indian and several other ethnic groups.

Malaysia ranks 43rd in the most populous nation with a total population of 28 million and is ranked 66th in the largest countries in the world with a land area of 329, 847 km2. It is located to the east of Thailand and to the west of Indonesia, with naval boundaries between Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Malaysian government is categorized as a federal constitutional monarchy. The head of state is elected every five years from among the Malay sultanates, performing mostly ceremonial roles. He is referred to as the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong or simply, the King.

Scuba Diver attains her dream of swimming with a wild TurtleThe Malaysian cabinet exercises executive powers and is governed by the Prime Minister, the head of the government. Najib Tun Razak is currently Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

Being a highly-industrialized country, Malaysia supports its growth through its industrial sectors. Its economy is, in fact, considered to be the 3rd largest economy among Southeast Asian countries and ranks 29th in the world.

The Majestic Dive Sites in Malaysia

The tourism sector in Malaysia provides a significant contribution to the country’s overall economy. As the third largest source of income, tourism has been constantly developed and promoted by the Malaysian government.

Apart from the exceptional architecture and historical landmarks built around the city, Malaysia also revels in rich marine resources distributed in its majestic seas. Among these are the numerous dive sites surrounding its crystal clear waters.

Mabul Island

With its immense variety of rare marine organisms, Mabul Island is not your usual dive destination. In the international diving society, it is popularly known as the most splendid site for muck diving.

The traveling beakfish were fine and they've

2013-04-30 17:59:15 by diverseworld

Been testing everything that has been arriving on Northwest shores for radioactivity and everything has passed thus far.
It really is a shame because Japanese foods have enjoyed a really good reputation for quite a long time and their inspection system is very good. Japan is definitely worried about the impact on the fisheries in particular. I had to re-search pelagic to see that it referred to fish that live near the surface. As in a lot of things, moderation is the key I guess, unless you want to glow in the dark. Here there are warning signs about pike minnows and another fish I don't recall right now in Lake Washington and the way they tend to pick up heavy metals

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