Pelagic Fish Camo Shorts

Pelagic Fish Camo Shorts

The Super Fish Camo Boardshort is the big brother to our popular original Fish Camo design. Still the only short in the world with a custom “FISH CAMO” print, this supped-up boardshort is built with super stretch panels made from heavy-duty poly stretch fabric. These amphibious boardshorts are great for use both in and out of the water and are designed specifically to dry quickly when they get wet. Complete with double reinforced hidden tool pockets and side cargo pockets with drainage holes, you’ll be armed and ready to take on the meanest of the ocean’s big game species.

• Fabric Content: Polyester – Heavy Duty Poly Stretch
• Super Stretch panels
• Reinforced hidden tool pocket
• Side cargo pocket with drainage holes
• Custom “FISH CAMO” Fabric print
• Pelagic text embroidery
• Color: Green
• Sizes: 30-40 Even Click here for sizing chart

Sizes not listed are out of stock. Contact us for availability.

Price: $66.00

** The all-new SUPER SERIES shorts provide new upgrades to your favorite Pelagic styles. This limited edition series incorporates upgraded features such as: multiple reinforced tool pockets, engineered stretch panels, quick-dry fabric technology, and much more.

The extended Kalman filter approach to VPA (C.M. 1983 / D:17. Statistics Committee; ref. Demersal, Pelagic and Baltic Fish Committees)
Book (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)

Fish Stocks/ Windpower/ Wave Generators

2006-11-14 00:23:43 by jaybug39

I have read that ocean fish stocks will be gone in a few years. And I have been thinking since I heard that Massachusetts refused to build wind turbines in Long Island Sound as they were unattractive, why not build some in the pacific where we could create national sea life refuges?
This would help out coastal communities in several regards. Some people would come see the turbines, much like some people visit lighthouses. The energy produced would ease any difficulties coastal communities may face from their currently existing long distance power transmissions. And they would get the benefit of knowing that fish will be around in the future

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Dutch investigations on the distribution of pelagic O-group gadoids in the North Sea in 1973 (C.M)
Book (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Demersal Fish (Northern) Committee)

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