Open Ocean Fish Farming Hawaii

open-ocean fish farming, maricultureThe S/V Machias towed the pod out of port towards the operating area West of Hawaii Island.
Credit: Jeff Milisen for Kampachi Farms, LLC

The pod was tethered to the 65-foot steel schooner S/V Machias, and towed out of port towards the operating area West of Hawaii Island. Machias would serve as the farm tender vessel, as well as a floating home, workshop and research platform for the next 8 months.

When the Aquapod reached the operating area, the lift bags were removed, and the ballast tanks flooded. A string of floats reaching up to the surface maintained the pen's depth.

open-ocean fish farming, mariculture After deployment, the crew began a one-month sea trial to ensure that the vessel-pen array was robust and fully operational.

Divers monitored twice-daily feedings, to ensure that no excess feed was wasted or deposited outside the pen.

The open ocean West of Hawaii Island provided the ideal environment for the trial — high water quality, good visibility, and (relatively) stable current regimes. The Velella array, like all structures floating in the open ocean, rapidly became an oasis of life in a largely empty 'blue desert'. And the cultured kampachi thrived in the offshore environment, with high survival (98%) and excellent growth.

At the end of a successful trial program, kampachi harvested.
Credit: Rick Decker for Kampachi Farms, LLC

The Velella-grown kampachi reached harvest size (2kg) in only 5 months of grow-out operations, approximately half the expected amount of time. The last Velella kampachi were harvested out in February 2012, bringing the offshore research project to a successful conclusion.

Extinction of ocean fish: a growing threat. (Marine Matters).: An article from: Endangered Species Update
Book (University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources)

Fish extinction helped evolution

2010-05-17 21:11:33 by fallwitch

Humans may owe their place on the planet to a mass extinction of fish 360 million years ago, it has been claimed.
The cataclysmic event reset the evolutionary starting point for all vertebrates living today and If it had not occurred, humans and their ancestors may not have evolved - or could have evolved very differently, US scientists said.
Key features shared by all modern mammals, birds and reptiles, - such as five-digit limbs - originated when life re-emerged after the mass extinction, the experts believe.
"Everything was hit, the extinction was global," said researcher Lauren Sallan from the University of Chicago

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