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261652_10151396695091456_2142337633_nA sunny Sunday can present the perfect opportunity for an impromptu lunch excursion. Such was the case recently for GG and I and we got it in our minds that we fancied some sea-side dining. So on perusing a few menus online we decided to give Clancy’s in City Beach a whirl.

We arrived nice and early, actually a touch before the kitchen in the restaurant section had opened, but were shown to a table and were able to order a drink and enjoy the view.

Really stunning location overlooking City Beach and the fit out of the place is bright and colourful and very open. It looked great!


We decided we’d share a few dishes and set to work studying the small shared dishes section of the menu to decide what to have. I have to say that there were many dishes that I was keen to order! Between us we managed to narrow it down to six and when it hit 12pm and we placed our order with our waitress she did let us know that this would likely be an ample amount of food! She did query whether we would prefer to order a few and then look to order some more down the track. We were feeling ambitious and stuck to our initial plans of six dishes. We were hungry after all!

261650_10151396694886456_544980325_ngrilled haloumi, watermelon, spinach, pistachio, crystallised ginger + lemon dressing 11
pumpkin & feta arancini, red pepper pesto, basil aioli 12
smoked chilli + tomato braised pork shoulder, grilled bacon, parmesan + jalapeño cornbread 16
crumbed fish tacos, shredded cabbage, tomato salsa, coriander, avocado + cumin yoghurt 17
snapper ceviche, citrus avocado, grilled sweet corn + chilli salsa in fried wanton baskets 17
pan fried garlic + chilli marinated cuttlefish, piquillo pepper, quinoa + coriander salad, sherry vinegar, olive oil 18

Didn’t take too long at all for the dishes to start arriving and as soon as they did I could appreciate the waitress’s gentle warning. The size of each dish was very generous! There was barely room for a side plate when our six dishes arrived and it was like Tetris to get them all to fit. But we managed and we surveyed the impressive spread.


First impressions were that everything looked great! Ingredients all looked super fresh and were creatively presented. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! We decided to be strategic about the order we tackled the dishes in and started with the hot seafood with the plan of ending with the salad.

So first up we tried the pan fried garlic + chilli marinated cuttlefish, piquillo pepper, quinoa + coriander salad, sherry vinegar, olive oil. Amazing! I haven’t had cuttlefish on too many occasions but essentially find it very similar to squid. It was cooked to perfection. Nothing rubbery about it at all and in combination with the flavoursome quinoa salad it was just a delicious balance of flavours. We both loved this dish and it definitely raised the bar for the next five.

261650_10151396695971456_1237754568_n 945143_10151396696051456_856895584_n 943559_10151396695826456_1114127652_n 947375_10151396695666456_1235365012_n
RFF Press The Common Wealth in Ocean Fisheries: Some Problems of Growth and Economic Allocation (RFF Agriculture and Fisheries Set)
Book (RFF Press)

Pacific NW fishermen are f*cked.

2005-08-09 10:19:47 by armchair

The Pacific Ocean off of Oregon has experienced a die-off of birds, declining fisheries and wildly fluctuating conditions in the past few months, and has set the stage for another hypoxic "dead zone" like those of 2002 and 2004, according to experts at Oregon State University.
This is the third year in the past four that has demonstrated significantly unusual ocean events, the researchers say, a period unlike any on record. The events have not all been the same. This year's ocean behavior is particularly bizarre, and there is no proof what is causing it.
But extreme variability such as this, OSU researchers say, is consistent with what scientists believe will occur as a result of global warming

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