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Sometimes Masterchef reminds me of when you eat out somewhere fancy where there is foam on a plate with fois gras, but all you want is a steak with chips and a glass of red. In short I was yearning for the Sunday night simplicity of the mystery box and invention test. However they were off to cook in Western Australia. The Western Australian Tourism Commission policy this year must be to get on as many reality cooking shows as possible. First up they had the My Kitchen Rules crew over there and now Masterchef.

The four best cooks from the previous week were selected to go business class. It must have killed the other contestants to see Kelty the non-contender selected, but he did bust out that fig and gorgonzola pizza. The other three were Christina, Rishi and Samira. Not really sure what Samira did that was outstanding but maybe she was just consistent and performed well in the pizza challenge. Or maybe she was being rewarded for cooking middle eastern on Italian week.

The first challenge was in Fremantle with the contestants having to cook for 30 fishermen who would be deciding the winners. The two teams were also going to have to get their own catch.

Half of each team would go out on the trawlers and half would go off shopping. The budget was $200.

The teams were selected by randomly pull aprons out of a basket. Predictably Emma and Jules squealed when they realised they were on the same team. Noelene was captain of the red team and she was happy to get the opportunity to be bossy, and Samira was captain of the blue team and she was unhappy about it. Jules started white anting her pretty quickly. “Her record with seafood is a little concerning” (Ed. Note – Yes I do realise the contestants are talking after the challenge is completed).

In a blast from the past Josh from MC1 was a guest on the show to help the red team fish.

Noelene was controversial from the get go. She decided to take only three team members on the trawler to fish and prep the seafood, and Totem was not happy that he was not one of them. But maybe she had remembered how he had butchered that flathead in the relay challenge. Funny how George Calombaris did not get upset about the wastage of food in that episode!

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The oceans are getting sicker. Hypoxia

2008-08-15 05:23:35 by fwiw

Like a chronic disease spreading through the body, "dead zones" with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world's oceans.
"We have to realize that hypoxia is not a local problem," said Robert J. Diaz of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. "It is a global problem and it has severe consequences for ecosystems."
"It's getting to be a problem of such a magnitude that it is starting to affect the resources that we pull out of the sea to feed ourselves," he added.
Diaz and co-author Rutger Rosenberg report in Friday's edition of the journal Science that there are now more than 400 dead zones around the world, double what the United Nations reported just two years ago

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