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Fish and ChipsBefore the rise in popularity of Indian curries, kebabs and Chinese take aways, battered fish and chips were considered the British national dish. Rock salmon was a staple – among the cheapest offerings in fish and chip shops around the country. However, demand for “rock salmon” devastated the shark’s population off the coasts of Britain and France, where the spiny dogfish is widely considered to be critically endangered.

The Common Fisheries Policy was introduced by the European Union in the 1970s to ensure a profitable and sustainable fishing industry – an objective in which it has completely failed.

After 40 years of unsustainable fishing under the Common Fisheries Policy, European fish stocks have been seriously depleted. Today, over 70% of fish stocks are overfished.

The Common Fisheries Policy favours the most powerful parts of the fishing industry, with the highest environmental impact. Many boats using unsustainable, often destructive, methods have been awarded fishing rights (quota) and have received billions in taxpayer subsidies.

This summer the European Commission finally put forward an agreement to phase-in a ban on discards from 2014 to 2018 – a key step to preserving fish stocks. Discard refers to the wasteful practice of throwing away healthy and edible fish at sea.

However, the ban may be implemented too late to save some species. Greenpeace said it was disappointed by the outcome. Its oceans campaigner, Willie Mackenzie, said: “UK fisheries minister Richard Benyon has hailed the Luxembourg meeting as a ‘breakthrough’ but Greenpeace disagrees. What happened overnight proves a stubborn resistance to change tack, and leaves EU fisheries reform hanging in the balance. Timelines are vague and too long term, the text on key issues like MSY [maximum sustainable yield] is incredibly weak, and there is a real risk that fish and fishermen are facing another 10 years of overfishing and stock decline, with real consequences for species like cod, hake and tuna.”

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Good Fishing places in New Haven wanted

2008-11-19 06:26:21 by Gem_Leo

My husband and I maybe moving to New Haven soon. We are both into fishing. I am trying to find out the best places near or on a lake. At least a boat landing.
I really don't want a city appartment. Would like out skirts. Like 30 mints. tops out of NH area.
P.S. List what type of fish are caught in the area would also be helpful. Lakes & Ocean.

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