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Scorpion fish, like this leaf

A Newcastle sailor's trip across the Pacific Ocean after the Japan tsunami was frighteningly similar to a nightmare.

The ocean is broken

  • Ivan Macfadyen aboard the Funnel Web. Picture by Max Mason-Hubers

IT was the silence that made this voyage different from all of those before it.

Not the absence of sound, exactly.

The wind still whipped the sails and whistled in the rigging. The waves still sloshed against the fibreglass hull.

And there were plenty of other noises: muffled thuds and bumps and scrapes as the boat knocked against pieces of debris.

What was missing was the cries of the seabirds which, on all previous similar voyages, had surrounded the boat.

The birds were missing because the fish were missing.

Exactly 10 years before, when Newcastle yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen had sailed exactly the same course from Melbourne to Osaka, all he'd had to do to catch a fish from the ocean between Brisbane and Japan was throw out a baited line.

"There was not one of the 28 days on that portion of the trip when we didn't catch a good-sized fish to cook up and eat with some rice, " Macfadyen recalled.

But this time, on that whole long leg of sea journey, the total catch was two.

No fish. No birds. Hardly a sign of life at all.

"In years gone by I'd gotten used to all the birds and their noises, " he said.

"They'd be following the boat, sometimes resting on the mast before taking off again. You'd see flocks of them wheeling over the surface of the sea in the distance, feeding on pilchards."

But in March and April this year, only silence and desolation surrounded his boat, Funnel Web, as it sped across the surface of a haunted ocean.

North of the equator, up above New Guinea, the ocean-racers saw a big fishing boat working a reef in the distance.

"All day it was there, trawling back and forth. It was a big ship, like a mother-ship, " he said.

And all night it worked too, under bright floodlights. And in the morning Macfadyen was awoken by his crewman calling out, urgently, that the ship had launched a speedboat.

"Obviously I was worried. We were unarmed and pirates are a real worry in those waters. I thought, if these guys had weapons then we were in deep trouble."

But they weren't pirates, not in the conventional sense, at least. The speedboat came alongside and the Melanesian men aboard offered gifts of fruit and jars of jam and preserves.

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Rod, reel, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, bait,

2007-06-05 18:08:29 by needle-nose-pliers

Fishing in ocean usually takes heavier gear, but depends on what kind of fish you are after. Go to the pier where everybody else is fishing and see what they are using. It's really not all that complicated.
Bobbers are helpful for beginners, more often used in freshwater but also can be used in salt water.
Need nose pliers are for removing hook from mouth/throat of fish. The pliers should also be the type that can cut wire - to cut fishing line or even a hook in a pinch.
A cooler with ice or a stringer for holding fish you catch.
A net is useful but not required

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