Georgia saltwater fish Identification

Creole-fish, South American

Here is information and links to a variety of saltwater species that we commonly catch.

Hail to the Amberjack!
The amberjack has become known as the charter captain's friend because when nothing else is biting they can be depended on to provide anglers with a real fight.

Finned by a Saltwater Catfish
If you have ever been finned by a saltwater catfish you know how bad the pain it. One of the most painful injuries around, it can be debilitating. But, there is a way to quickly help stop the pain.

The Black Drum March
Huge black drum are invading inlets up and down the Atlantic coast. March and April are the months to catch them.

Spring Sheepshead
Catching sheepshead in the spring is fun and easy if you follow a few basic tips.

Amberjack – The Charter Captain’s Friend
When I fish offshore, I always welcome a hook-up with an amberjack. They fight hard and provide lots of action for anglers.

Easy Winter Sheepshead Fishing
We catch a lot of sheepshead in the winter. Off the Georgia coast, they are on artificial reefs. Here is how we do it...

Trolling for Barracuda
Here is how we trolled for barracuda on the Florida Keys

How to Catch Wary Sheepshead
When the water is clear and the fish are reluctant to bite, you have to make a change. Here is what I do to catch wary sheepshead that I can see.

Which Fish is Smartest?
Are fish smart? Do they have the ability to learn? Are some fish smarter than others?

Lifting for Sheepshead
Convicts, bait stealers, sheepshead; these are just a few of the printable names for perhaps the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, along the East coast. Unprintable names for these fish abound from frustrated fishermen. Here is how to catch sheepshead - the techniques involved in fishing for sheepshead.

Black Drum Fishing
Every spring – actually late winter and early spring, the black drum make their way into the inlets up and down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This is the time of year that the big breeder fish come in to spawn. Black drum fishing enthusiasts make plans months ahead of time, tuning up their tackle, and their boats. Although the average “big” drum catch is around 40 pounds, these fish can reach weights over 100 pounds, and annually many fish that size are caught.

Tripletail Hunting - Fishing for Tripletail
Similar to hunting for game, fishing for tripletail in the late summer is a matter of getting to where they live. If you can get to the places they frequent, you are likely to find one or more, and late summer is the time for some big ones along the southeast US coast.

Learning from an Expert
Some people fish a lot of areas and are mildly successful. Some people few only one or two areas and have become extremely successful. I was witness to one of the latter this past week, and while it was not in saltwater, it does point out some tactics that any of us can take advantage of.

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Catching WHITES -2

2004-12-18 13:02:57 by WHites

Lake whitefish generally spawn in the late autumn just prior to freeze-up in shallow water (often less than 25 feet), usually over a hard or stony bottom, but sometimes over sand. Spawning can occur under the ice in some lakes, however. What does this tell you? Well, like most fish, spent adults are hungry following the spawning season. Often the best lake whitefish catches are shortly after they spawn in the month of December, just when the ice is safe to travel on. Use caution on ice and always test the conditions. Never walk on ice that is less than four inches thick and don't drive on ice that is less than 12 inches thick

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