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The regulations with regard to keeping fish that you catch in Florida are complex and as a friend advised me recently, he said jokingly "always take your lawyer with you". One thing for sure is that you need the latest copy of the Florida State Regulations with you. Each year it appears the regulations change and the state of Florida has on the Gulf Coast jurisdiction out to 9 miles and on the Atlantic coast out to 3 miles.

Some species like Snook also have a period of time when they may not be caught at all i.e. this is called a closed season. Furthermore it is also ILLEGAL TO BUY OR SELL SNOOK. Some species are in a class known as a PROTECTED SPECIE category, such as certain types of shark i.e. Sawshark, Basking and Whale Sharks. Other types of shark catches are limited to one shark per person with a maximum catch of one fish per boat.

There also is one other category that's requires what is known as a TAG. This is a permit that allows you to catch Tarpon. In the case of Tarpon you are required to purchase a Tarpon tag to posses a tarpon with the bag limit being two per person per day. Now if that is not complicated enough two species are aggregated together in terms of a bag catch. These are the Banded Rudder Fish and the Lesser Amberjack. You may keep not more than five fish per angler per day being between the sizes of 14" to 20". There are some other species you are prohibited to retain. As an example Nassau Grouper, Sawfish, Spotted Eagle Ray and the Goliath Grouper (Jewfish).

Well I hope I have not put you off coming fishing in Florida with our regulations, but the fishing is great because we have conservation. In the UK & Europe they are still to wake up to the fact that QUOTA'S do nothing for CONSERVATION and anglers there still do not have bag limits. When will the EEC see the light. Hopefully before it's to late.

I expect you will be coming just for the sport and so returning your catch to fight another day will further help with our conservation. Our aim is to preserve stocks and our sport here in Florida for the future of others.

As for fishing licenses, that's not your worry as we obtain all those for you and they are included in the charter fee. The vessel also has the necessary reef & pelagic permits to fish in the Gulf as a charter boat.

Some Information provided for on this page by Sport Fish of Florida" by Vic Dunaway

ISBN 0-936240-16-4 Price $16.95 from most good Tackle Shops.

Some information provided for on this page by FISHING LINES a free publication of The Department of Environmental Protection.
Pelican Publishing Angler's Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of
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Catching WHITES -2

2004-12-18 13:02:57 by WHites

Lake whitefish generally spawn in the late autumn just prior to freeze-up in shallow water (often less than 25 feet), usually over a hard or stony bottom, but sometimes over sand. Spawning can occur under the ice in some lakes, however. What does this tell you? Well, like most fish, spent adults are hungry following the spawning season. Often the best lake whitefish catches are shortly after they spawn in the month of December, just when the ice is safe to travel on. Use caution on ice and always test the conditions. Never walk on ice that is less than four inches thick and don't drive on ice that is less than 12 inches thick

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