Florida Coastal fish Identification

Awesome fishing can be found from Pine Island and Sanibel-Captiva in the North, Naples in the center with the miles of backwater to 10, 000 islands and the Everglades to the south. These waters are some of the best recreational fishing grounds in the world.

For all little boy and girl in all of us, Take a drive to Robbie's of Islamorada, the Florida Keys (135 miles and 4 hours from Naples at Florida Keys Mile Marker 36.8) Amazing, " "breathtaking" and "impressive" are words we often hear from first-time visitors to the end of our dock. What they're referring to is the school of 50 to 100 tarpon come here daily and linger for hours. Today, the tradition continues, with visitors from all across the world coming to marvel at the spectacle and offer these magnificent creatures a snack.Check and click "Feeding Tarpons" for a thrill.

Casting to barracuda
with live or
artificial baits

on 12 to 15 lb. test line
is an awesome sport

Best Location:
Gulf Average Size:
10 - 92 lbs.
Best Season:
Mar - May
Best Baits:
Jigs, Crabs,
Plugs, Live Bait
Dolphin Best
Location: Gulf
Average Size:
1/2 - 55 lbs.
Best Season:
May - Oct
Best Baits:
Jigs Spoons,
Bonito Strip Mullet, Cigar
Fish, Balao
on wrecks
and debris,
grass flats,
sand flats, and
in channels;
most abundant
in south Florida
Best Location:
Gulf - BayAverage
Size: 3 - 90 lbs.
Best Season:
April - Nov
Best Baits:
Mullet, Crabs
Hammerhead Shark
54" fork for
all sharks
1 per harvester
or 2 per vessel
per day,
is less
Spotted Trout
Average Size:
1/2 - 8 lbs.
4 per harvester/day
All Year
Best Baits:
Shrimp, Poping Cork,
Jigs, Plugs
Josh Hargin
caught this
triple tail
on March 5, 2010
in Jupiter
fishing with
Captain Dan Murrell
Florida Pompano
Size: less
than 3 lbs.
waters, especially
along sandy
oyster banks,
and over
often in
turbid water.
Best Baits:
Jigs, Sandflea
Spanish Machrel
Best Location:
Gulf - Bay
Average Size:
1 - 5 lbs.
Best Season:
April - Nov
Best Baits:
Jigs, Spoons
King Fish
Best Location:
Gulf Average Size:
3 -50 lbs.
Best Season:
April - Nov
Best Baits:
Jigs, Spoons,
Cigar Fish
Best Location:
Gulf Average Size:
8 - 75 lbs.
Size: 1 - 10 lbs.
Best Season:
All Year
Best Baits:
Sandflea, Crab Shrimp
Capt Joe Plashinski,
Jim Wellbank
and Joe Sr.
600 feet off
Key Largo
Yellow Fin Tuna
Renee Etheridge
Spinner caught
off of live
sardine with pink/blue
feathers - 200 ft
off Boynton Beach
Nurse Shark
David Preston
caught shark
with 10 lb test
and shrimp in
Gasparilla Pass
Bull Red Fish
Kayak fishing at its best. Deanna Nelson trolling Panama Beach
of Islamorada at
Island marker 36.8
Amazing, "
and "impressive"
is the school
of 50 to 100 tarpon
that come here
daily and linger
for hours.
Red Snapper
Keith Church
caught this 18 lb.
monster on a
cigar minnow while
off a Mayport
Mango Snapper
Macey Harrison
caught this
Mango snapper
using shrimp
Alan Andre and the crew of Tide Bandit strikes a 35 lb. again off of Port Carnaveral in 200' of water
Captain Roly,
Frankie Prieto,
John and Cris
caught this
200 lb/74",
swordfish using
a bonito belly
fishing 30 miles
off Miami in 1500'
of water.
Red Fish
Size: one of 27"
weighs about 8 lbs.
Juveniles are
an INSHORE fish,
migrating out
of the estuaries at
about30 inches
(4 yrs) & joining
the spawning
population OFFSHORE.
Black Grouper
Now here is a happy angler and my favorite grouper photo
Fishes of two gulf coastal march areas of Florida (Tulane studies in zoology)
Book (Tulane University)

Catching WHITES -2

2004-12-18 13:02:57 by WHites

Lake whitefish generally spawn in the late autumn just prior to freeze-up in shallow water (often less than 25 feet), usually over a hard or stony bottom, but sometimes over sand. Spawning can occur under the ice in some lakes, however. What does this tell you? Well, like most fish, spent adults are hungry following the spawning season. Often the best lake whitefish catches are shortly after they spawn in the month of December, just when the ice is safe to travel on. Use caution on ice and always test the conditions. Never walk on ice that is less than four inches thick and don't drive on ice that is less than 12 inches thick

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