Types of edible deep water fish

Types of Edible Fish Defined by the StonedChef.com

  1. Types-of-fish Abalone (Mother Pearl) – It’s in mollusk family. Sweet crunchy clam.
  2. African Butter Fish – In Pompano family. Pink fleshed buttery.
  3. Amberjack Fish/ Riccola – Meaty, medium to fuller flavor
  4. Artic Char Fish– Cross between salmon and trout. Buttery, medium, firm
  5. Black Bass Fish – Smallest of all the bass. Sweet delicate moderate fat. I love it.
  6. Black Cod Fish/ Merluzzo Nero – Actually not cod at all. It’s really sable fish soft sweet excellent eating fish.
  7. Black fish/ Pesce Nera – This is the poor mans lobster. Eats crustation so it takes a shell flavor to the meat of the fish. I love it
  8. Channel Bass Fish – It’s a cross between sea bream and bass
  9. Cobia Fish/ Lemon Fish / Pesce Lemon – Like shark, firm and denser than swordfish.
  10. Cod Fish/ Merluzzo – Salt water, firm, sweet
  11. Copper River Salmon Fish – Deep Red very little fat. Best prepared raw to medium no more than medium temperature.. heavy regulated / never farmed.
  12. Cuttlefish – Resembles large squid, lots of ink in it. Similar to calamari.
  13. Escolar Fish – Southern Atlantic fish. Rich, dense, meaty, cousin of mackerel
  14. Flounder – Flat fish.Sweet flaky meat
  15. Geo Duck – Very very large soft shelled claim up to 3 pounds. Distinguished by it long neck that extends from its shell. Very meaty excellent clam. I julien it
  16. Haddock Fish– Related to Cod, Smaller Sweeter
  17. Hake/nasello – Related to cod, sweater. I like it more than cod
  18. Halibut Fish – North waters large flat fish normally 50 to 100 pounds. Bone white mild meaty low fat fish. Temperature recommended.
  19. Horse Mackerel – Small full flavored
  20. Iron Jaw Snapper – Dense, Pink. like pomfret.
  21. Kingfish / Pesce Re – King mackerel also known as southern bluefish. Medium to full flavor temperature recommended.
  22. Mahi-Mahi / Dorado – Actually a type of dolphin warm water fish. Meaty firm medium fat.
  23. Marmora Fish– Like seabream succulent.
  24. Monkfish / Pescatrice – Poor mans lobster. Eats a lot of shell fish. Sweet, firm, texture very similar to lobster.
  25. Opakapaka Fish– Deep water snapper usually Hawaii
  26. Opha Fish/ Moon Fish – Warm water fish from Hawaii. Pink fleshed excellent. Temperature recommended
  27. Pacific Razor clam – Almost miniature, geo duck
  28. Polock Fish– Fresh water this is what they make imitation crab meat out of. It’s white firm and sweet.
  29. Pomfret / Butterfish...

Goldfish in my pond exhibit STRANGE behavior

2003-03-10 21:40:42 by thoughts-welcome

About a year and a half ago I set up a pond in my yard. I did a lot of research and made the sides of the pond very steep and it's 3.5 feet deep, and there are large rocks surrounding it. All of these factors have been great for my pond. The plants grow well, the water stays clear, the "critters" can't wade or disturb my pond at night...these things used to happen when I had a shallow pond many years ago.
A year or so ago I went to the local aquarium shop and bought three bags of "feeder fish" goldfish. (8 per bag for $1)
9 Survived and GREW pretty big and had lived happily for a year!
About a month ago they all disappeared

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