Float fish deep water

The Blob fish is rare species of underwater it is mainly found in some regions. The region like Australia and Tasmania but it is very rare species and the people can’t see the fish just like that in all time it will come up in rare situation. It lives only at the deep of the sea. Majority of fishes can’t survive in most depth of the sea. The depth of the sea is around 800 meters below from the normal sea. Many people say it looks ugly. Its structure looks like a jellylike substance the jellylike substance is helpful for sinking in the sea the substance is very less.

The structure of blob fish:

The Blob fish consist of jellylike substance they don’t have muscles in the body they search and wait for food in same place for the prey. The usual diet for Blob fish is and sea mollusks. The blob fish will float if they want food. They won’t take action if they want food they won’t attack the prey and eat so the blob fish will get the food rarely but for that body the limited food is enough. Most of the times the Blob fish float in same spot its stops in one place and search for the food. The Behavior of Blob fish is. It won’t move one place to another for searching the foods because it’s a lazy fish to search its prey.

The parenting habit of this fish is. The Blob fish lays thousands of eggs at a time and care the eggs again it will float for some time to search the in rare cases and sit on eggs to keep the eggs safe and it gives warm to the eggs. Its nesting habit is exciting to all because all of them know that it is lazy fish some times its eggs nesting together with some other fish so it’s a lazy fish to do all activities. It resembles like a human faced fish if by mistakenly keep the fish out it will die soon and the jellylike substance is dried soon. For fishermen the fish is not useful and it leads to loss.

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Tiny frogs in fish tanks

2006-06-06 22:54:05 by opinionsplease

I was at a restaurant today and on the counter they had a deep fish tank about 2 feet deep, and there were two tiny frogs in it. They would let themselves sink to the bottom and then they would work their way back up to the surface. Then they would float at the top for a while and then sink back down and the toil would start all over again.
My question is, isn't this cruel? The water was so deep, they would sink to the bottom and then immediately need oxygen and have to work back up again.
Sorry I don't know much about amphibians but I was watching these frogs for about 10 minutes while we waited for a table and I felt very sorry for them.

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