Deep Water Rockfish

barotraumatized rockfishIf you've ever caught a fish in deep water (water in excess of 100 feet), you have probably noticed the bulging eyes and protruding stomach of the fish as it arrives on the surface. This condition is generically known as barotrauma, and it is caused by the expansion of the fish's swim bladder ("float bladder" to some). The bladder expands as a result of the sudden reduction of pressure on the fish as it is reeled up from depth. To understand how this works, you need to know a simple principle of physics.

Boyle's Law and Atmospheric Pressure

Boyle's Law addresses the unique relationship between pressure and volume. In layman's terms, Boyle's Law states that as pressure increases, volume decreases.boyle lume increases (this is what happens to a fish that is reeled up from depth). Boyle's law can be illustrated by inflating a 12-inch balloon at sea level and submerging it to 33 feet, or two atmospheres of pressure (an atmosphere is the weight of one cubic inch of air, from sea level to the top of the earth's atmosphere. One atmosphere weighs 14.7 pounds.) Each 33 feet of ocean depth is equal to one atmosphere of pressure. Our balloon is experiencing one atmosphere of pressure at the surface, but that pressure doubles at 33 feet, triples at 66 feet, quadruples at 99 feet, and so forth. Therefore our balloon at 33 feet will be half the size it was at the surface, a third the size at 66 feet, and only 1/4 its size at 99 feet. Conversely, the balloon will grow in size as it ascends from depth. The greatest expansion takes place from 33 feet to the surface; the pressure doubles in that zone.

What Happens to the Fish

As a fish is brought to the surface, the swim bladder expands, most commonly pushing the stomach out through the fish's mouth...

Sean Foxen Productions, Inc. Rock Cod Fishing with Charlie Davis
Video (Sean Foxen Productions, Inc.)
  • Tackle and techniques for catching rock cod

Sweet nothings

2008-07-13 09:28:40 by 1LonelyWolf

Enchanting phrases and sweet words
Ooze and slide like oil on ink
A surface gleams in strong fiords
And swimmers of that brew they drink.
I met them in this life’s restrains,
And bumped into the softened cream,
My mind’s excitement slowly remains
On peaks and valleys in my dream.
Hark! What I hear turns to dust
And pain is sudden and it’s deep
I must believe them; that I must!
It cannot be the murkiest creep!
Just look at that face and see the smile!
Just listen to the words come forth!
There just no way there’s any bile!
I didn’t know that south was north!
Oh, please! No beastly one unleash!
No monster hidden in the dark,
Show me the beauty of that fish

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