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mimic octopusFar underneath the sun’s reach, there is another exciting world filled with bountiful mysteries, enigmatic creatures and nightmarish landscapes – The Deep Seas. Below are the 10 exceptional and extra-ordinary deep sea creatures that are worth reading and watching. Click on the hyperlinks to watch their videos.

1. Mimic Octopus (The Spectacular Actor)

The marine world has a clown too! Many octopuses can change their colors and contour their bodies into various shapes and sizes. A Mimic octopus can go beyond its relatives by actually mimicking other animals. It can shift its shape to look like multiple different kinds of sea creatures.blob fish ionfish. It will use different strategies in different situations. It can also change its color and texture to help itself match its surroundings. It is believed to be one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea. This wondrous animal is new to science which was formerly discovered in the tropical waters of Indonesia in 1998. It has the ability to take on the mannerisms and appearances of 15 different animals like sea shells, sea snakes, flounders, stingrays, lionfish and more. It feeds on crabs and small fishes.

giant isopod2. Blob Fish (The Lazy Frowning Granddad)

This bizarre and unique looking creature is primarily found in the depths of the seas of the Australian oceans where the pressures are exceedingly high. Its swollen nose, sad eyes and frowning face make it look even more unusual and miserable creature. It is extremely lazy as it sounds and looks. It’s that slothful that it does not even expends its energy to eat, but makes sure it gobbles up whatever seems to be floating at that moment, presumably edible plants. Its white coloration is due to the gelatin like mass and tissues that make up its body. Blob Fish are currently on the verge of extinction because of overfishing.

tongue eating loused3. Giant Isopod (The Big Bug)

This ugly creature can be an inspiration for any horror or science fiction movie. Giant Isopods are found in the depths of the oceans ranging from 170 m to 2140 m. They have also been linked to small pill bugs. You may also find them served in the restaurants at Taiwan along with rice. Their gigantic size is a result of a phenomenon called ‘deep sea gigantism’, which is nothing but a tendency of deep sea creatures like these to grow to a larger size than their counter-parts. They can grow to a length of 16 inches, making it one of the largest members of the crustacean family. It has an ability to roll itself into a ball whenever it wishes protection. It feeds on dead fishes or squids. This animal can survive without food for a long period of time, precisely 8 weeks. This marine animal loves to live a solitary life.

firefly squid anglerfish yeti crab barreleye
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I am more bored here than in Florida...

2005-02-08 01:14:14 by kristenja1

But then I hate hiking and mountain biking doesn't do it for me either. I lived in Miami and learned to scuba and loved it and constantly had the opportunity to go. Don't want to do that here because when I stuck my toes in the Santa Cruz water one summer I nearly froze. Walking on the beach was a pure joy in Miami,as the water is really blue and warm and could swim way out and still touch land and I never got bored with that as I do hiking. I would swim in the blue water or sit at some cafe outside for hours, and watch interesting people pass by. (Can't do that in Tampa) You went to the wrong side of Florida unless you are over 35 and from the Midwest and just want to golf or deep sea...

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