Deep Water fish scary

The Flabby WhitefishMarine biologists who are working off the coast of New Zealand have discovered a bunch of unknown fish species as well as some really rare ones. Granted they had to go more than a mile down but still these are some pretty scary looking fish.

These discoveries were made by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research from nets at varying depths of the Chatham Rise which is a part of a network of underwater plateaus, mountains, ridges, and canyons.

Newly Discovered Deep-Water Fishes Scary As HellThe above image is of the Curious Rattail



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The hazards of invasive species get even worse!

2013-08-13 07:45:49 by nonbeliever101

Beware The Pacu, Experts Tell European Men Who Skinny-Dip
The appearance of a Brazilian fish has sent a chill through summertime swimmers in Sweden and Denmark. The alarming fish isn't the much-feared piranha but its cousin, the pacu, which has large teeth and a reputation for attacking men's testicles.
A wild pacu was caught this month by amateur fisherman Einar Lindgreen in the Øresund Sound, a body of water that separates Sweden and Denmark, according to the National History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, which sits along the sound's coastline.
Museum expert Henrik Carl explained the potential danger posed by the fish to Sweden's The Local, saying the pacu's "mouth is not so big, so of course it normally eats nuts, fruit, and

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