Deep Water Fish Release Device

From the Minnestoa Sea Grant, By Russel Habermann

It's called the ideal gas law: when an air bubble ascends the water column, the decreasing water pressure allows the bubble to grow larger and larger until it reaches the surface. This law of physics is simple enough to be on a 5th grade science test and real enough to affect divers and the fishing world.

Deepwater fishermen – both on the coasts and on the Great Lakes – might not rattle off the ideal gas law but they are familiar with barotrauma, an affliction in which a fish's swim bladder balloons as the animal is reeled up through the water column. To better understand this, think back to that rising bubble. A swim bladder, a gas-filled organ that allows a fish to travel vertically in the water column by inflating or deflating, is much like that bubble. If a fish has a normal-sized swim bladder while it is swimming 60 feet below the surface, its swim bladder could double, even triple, as a fisherman gives it a quick trip to the surface.

A ballooning swim bladder is a non-issue if the fish will be kept. If it's a catch-and-release kind of fish, however, its life is in jeopardy. With the equivalent of a beach ball in its gut the fish can't swim back down. As it flops at the surface it is fair game for circling gulls.

"There are two types of swim bladders, " said Jeff Gunderson, Minnesota Sea Grant's director and fishery specialist. "Some fish have the type of swim bladder that's connected to the gut. They can burp gas to relieve pressure. Other fish can't burp because their swim bladders don't have this connection."

Fish that can burp gas out of their swim bladder include trout and salmon. Fish that lack this ability include walleye and yellow perch. Even though trout have the capability to expel gas, Gunderson explains that a lake trout pulled from deep water might not be able to descend because of barotrauma. So what is a guy or gal with a ballooning fish to do?

The first thing is to understand the signs of a fish struggling with barotrauma, or "pressure" trauma. The physical signs of barotrauma are:

  • Bloated abdominal area,
  • Bulging eyes,
  • Balloon-like tissue protruding from the mouth or other areas of the body (sometimes).

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2010-06-14 16:23:19 by capacommie2

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