Deep Water Fish Pictures

The giant isopod, known

Thousands of cobia swirl around the center of a traditional deepwater fish-farming, or aquaculture, cage off Puerto Rico in 2007.

In the future, fish-farming cages may become mobile, robotically roaming the oceans under their own propeller power, mimicking the movements of wild schools, experts say. The result could be greener, tastier seafood. (Read full story.)

Little known until recently, the cobia has become an aquaculture superstar in Latin America and the Caribbean. Diners find the fish delicious, while fish farmers appreciate its ability to grow up to ten times faster than most other species.

At this facility, fingerlings from onshore hatcheries are raised to adulthood in clean, deep ocean waters.

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The Queen's Bath

2005-07-31 17:53:34 by myhandle

On the North Shore (near Princeville).
It's a big tide pool surrounded by rocks. The ocean waves get in, but there's almost no current/surf in the pool itself. And it's full of tropical fish...I have photos in which you can see the fish through 10 feet of water. Mask and snorkels, no fins. It is a bit deep, so you may want water wings or life jackets, esp on the little one.
Our guide book mentioned it, but I got the impression that most don't.....ask a local, they all take their kids there.

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