Deep Water Fish Light Up

pro angler alton jones casting a deep crankbait for bass“I’m always going to lean more towards deep cranking when there is some sort of cloud cover present, ” Jones said. “It can be partly cloudy, overcast or rainy, but sunny conditions aren’t ideal. I’m also going to look for some sort of surface disturbance, whether it’s a slight ripple on the water or a strong wing. As long as it’s not a calm, clear day, you should catch some fish.”

If you’re researching winter bass fishing, it’s not uncommon to hear tales of spinning rods, light line and finesse baits. Jones prefers to use a beefier, reaction-type presentation in cold weather for several reasons.

“If the conditions line up, I’m going to start the day deep cranking until the fish tell me otherwise, ” Jones said. “It allows me to be much more efficient and effective. I can show it to more fish, cover large areas quickly and I really believe bigger bass are more susceptible to reaction lures. When I look at the bass I’ve caught over 10 pounds, I’ve probably caught 70 percent of them on a deep crankbait—there has to be something to that.”

Never underestimate the power of a long cast

Long casts will certainly help your cause with many bass fishing techniques, but casting distance is especially imperative when using a deep crankbait. Not only will a long cast help you avoid spooking the bass, but it will also get the crankbait in the most productive section of the water column.

“The winter months are an outstanding time of year to target giant bass, ” Jones said. “When you’re targeting these big ones, your odds will skyrocket if you can put more distance between the two of you—the close you get to ‘em, the more aware they are. It also helps you get the bait to its proper operating depth easier. If a bass is 40 feet away, your cast needs to be 60 feet because the first 20 feet of your retrieve will be spent getting the lure down to the strike zone.”

Recognize high-percentage areas

Contrary to popular belief, the best wintertime areas to deep crank are not the same areas you would target in the summer. Jones looks for three primary areas, all of which share one common denominator.

pro angler alton jones with bomber crankbait bass lure in teeth alton jones with bomber crankbait bass lure pro angler alton jones setting the hook with a deep crankbait for bass

But she ripple into a fish finally

2008-07-24 17:41:14 by blackskimmmer

Swimming in your watery womb
behind your belly button memory of your mother.
not really a fish,
she's got gills, but they don't work!
she can't breath in there!
there's no krill in your wombsea for her to eat!
do something!
weave yourself deep to her
bleed into her and let her bleed into you.
she almost killed ya, didn't she?
are you guys one or two?
Is she human YET?
no, now she's a newt

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