Deep Water fish in Nemo

clown fish pinataIn the spirit of Finding Nemo, in cinemas in 3D for its 10th anniversary, we’re going dippy like Dory for the life sub-aquatic. Everyone loves pirate-themed parties, but just as much fun can be had under the waves. So you really make a splash, we offer inspiration for an under-the-sea party.

Invite the shoal
Send out underwater themed cards, or cut Nemo shapes from orange card and decorate with black and white stripes. Sprinkle a little confetti into the envelopes too.deepseafun Perhaps you’re planning to kick off proceedings with a viewing of the film in 3D at your local cinema and take everyone home afterwards.

Decorate the deep
Hang dark and light blue crepe streamers looped from ceiling, with shorter green ‘weed’ streamers hanging down between these. A few pale and dark blue helium balloons, as well as clear ones blown up to varying sizes and tied to weights at different heights, like bubbles in the deep. Scatter air-filled mixed or sea patterned balloons over the ocean floor. If you’ve got access to a bubble machine you can put it in a corner.

A coral reef scene-setter or a drape of blue material hung on a wall can be studded with bright paper fish and sea creatures that the kids have made in advance, or make this an activity at the party. Hanging fish and seahorses made from card, decorated and strung with fishing line make effective shoals around the table. Scatter any shells you’ve collected from beach trips over the years outside the front door, in corners and on the party table. If you want to risk it, real sand will look effective down the middle of the table under the plates and cake stands, but will add another dimension to the clearing up! If you can get hold of some netting, it makes a great table covering coupled with a light blue cloth and party tableware.

fish hanging decorations Deep sea fun personalised sea cake clown fish pinata
Multinetz Hidden Object Adventure
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Goldfish in my pond exhibit STRANGE behavior

2003-03-10 21:40:59 by thoughts-welcome

About a year and a half ago I set up a pond in my yard. I did a lot of research and made the sides of the pond very steep and it's 3.5 feet deep, and there are large rocks surrounding it. All of these factors have been great for my pond. The plants grow well, the water stays clear, the "critters" can't wade or disturb my pond at night...these things used to happen when I had a shallow pond many years ago.
A year or so ago I went to the local aquarium shop and bought three bags of "feeder fish" goldfish. (8 per bag for $1)
9 Survived and GREW pretty big and had lived happily for a year!
About a month ago they all disappeared

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