Deep water fish Bad for you

Releasing fishPeople often ask the question: Is it possible to correctly release a fish caught deeper than 20 – 25m underwater (sea bass, white fish etc.)?

In this post, we are happy to share advice on this subject from the experienced fishing guide Olivier Journaux, who teaches in la Rochelle, France with MaxSea software on board.

“Cpt. OJ” as he is known, is a high-level athlete (who was a successful windsurfer in the years 1984 to 1989) and a triathlete at national level for almost ten years in France. Then he practiced spearfishing intensively until the year 2004, and has coached for more than 15 years different sports including swimming, triathlon and national windsurfing 2000-2004.Releasing fish sportsman has become a fishing guide and he certainly is as committed to this endeavor as he has been all along.

Read more about Cpt. OJ on his website (in French) .

Here he shares his knowledge about fishing:.

It’s certainly not always easy. Over the last three years, we have been releasing white fish without taking them on board and in the end we didn’t enjoy it very much: no pictures, no memories, it’s a shame!

Since then, I have discovered the solution to this problem – using a syringe with a large needle (purchased from a pharmacy, with a pink tip) to puncture the fish after it has been caught.Releasing fish syringe in the fish’s lower abdomen immediately after catching the fish. The fish then “deflates” quickly.

This happens because there is a release of gasses in the bladder that accumulate suddenly when the fish rises quickly through the water, experiencing a sudden change in pressure).

Just after injecting the fish, it quickly recovers its normal breathing in clear, fresh water. Then just rub the fish’s belly and push the air towards the needle so that the fish can recover. The fish then suddenly reverts to a normal position i.e. belly down.

Learning a successful method to release the fish is a great satisfaction for me and obviously for all of my students too, who can enjoy the beautiful fish in a very good state of health, the picture can then be taken calmly with the fish is a good state of health. And for the record – we have already caught two fish that we had already caught previously. This goes to show the relatively low concentration of fish in the water.

Of course, this technique works well for sea bass and this has allowed us to release many wonderful fish this year which is great news when you consider that the fish population suffers a little more each year.

Thats the fish in you....

2003-01-06 12:15:41 by GirlFire

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