Deep water Creek Rainbow Fish

Rainbow trout this size are common in Deep Creek.
Wesley J. Satterwhite

Rainbow trout this size are common in Deep Creek.

Deep Creek near Bryson City is one of the more-accessible streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and one of the park’s most-popular ones. The stream is ideal for fly fishing: wide and shallow enough to wade in most places, with a satisfying mix of large, open pools, numerous shoals and plenty of pocket water. It is also noted for its large brown and rainbow trout.

The best fishing is from the stream’s junction at Indian Creek to the old Bryson Place, a horse camp about eight miles from the park entrance.

The lower, two-mile stretch from the park entrance to Indian Creek gets the most traffic. It’s especially popular because of its easy access from the parking lot and campground. In warm weather, this section usually is crowded, with hundreds of people floating the swift water in inner tubes and other floating devices. Surprisingly, the fish have become so accustomed to the tube traffic that you can catch a trout or two between runs of tubing enthusiasts. On prime weekends, it’s not worth the trouble. Head upstream to Deep Creek’s junction with Indian Creek. Beyond that point, no tubing is permitted, and this is where the real fishing begins.

Deep Creek has numerous wide-open stretches that are ideal for fly casting.Except for a two-mile section below the park entrance, the stream runs approximately 14 miles from its headwaters at Left Fork near Mount Collins, all within the park. The Deep Creek trailhead is off Newfound Gap Road near Clingmans Dome. The last two miles of the stream outside the park are hatchery-supported waters, managed by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. From the park entrance to the Tuckasegee River in Bryson City, this section of the stream runs through private property and is not easily accessible in some spots.

Spring is an ideal time to fish the creek. It’s still too cold for tubing, and mayfly, caddis and stonefly hatches are abundant. Spring is also an ideal time to view the spectacular displays of wildflowers that color the trail sides and stream banks with an amazing variety of trillium, along with jack-in-the pulpit, wild geranium, crested dwarf iris, phlox, blood root, showy orchids, rue anemone and other beauties.

I’ve fished the creek numerous times and never failed to catch trout. Catches aren’t always numerous, but the creek does provide its reward if you’re persistent. Take a variety of dry flies and nymphs, and if you don’t get a strike, don’t hesitate to change.

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