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Darkness Deep Sea Survival StrategiesA living organism depends upon some special conditions to survive and endure on this planet. Basic things such as sunlight, energy, food, freshwater and shelter are the foremost needs for every living organism’s survival. However, the deep sea creatures are refrained from these special needs and undergo a far more challenging life compared to those that live outside the ocean.

Read on more to understand the difficulties and how these tough creatures which are thousands of meters deep, cope with the challenges in everyday life like high pressure, small amounts of oxygen, very little food, no sunlight, currents, extreme cold, pitch darkness and much more.

  • Darkness-

Pressure Deep Sea Survival StrategiesLight only reaches the shallow water that is above the continental shelf. After 200m to 1km depth, the zone is known as the twilight zone which is completely dark since the sun’s rays cannot reach that far.

How do they see in the dark?

Some creatures in the deep sea have quite enormous eyes and reflective retinas that really work for them, while others identify their prey by sensing vibrations. Others produce their own light through an organ known as ‘photophores’ that is known as ‘bioluminescence’. This helps them to detect their potential food. The light produced by them is ghostly blue in color.

  • Pressure-

Buoyancy Deep Sea Survival StrategiesThe pressure at the bottom of an ocean is many folds compared to the pressure on the surface. This pressure keeps on increasing as one move deeper. The pressure is greater in oceans because the water is pressed down heavily. At 10m below the water, the pressure doubles, At 20, the greatness is thrice than on the surface.

How do they survive the pressure?

Deep sea animals can survive these conditions because they are mostly made of liquid that are not easily compressed. Other fishes have gas-filled buoyancy bladders that are much more compressible.Food Deep Sea Survival Strategies has a density lesser than water.

  • Buoyancy -

Don’t deep sea creatures sink in such deep ocean water?

Many of the fishes are lucky that they have light bones and flesh; therefore it helps them to maintain their buoyancy in water. Some also comprise of gas bladders that stop them to sink. With the help of gas bladders, they can move around and swim deep down or move up whenever they feel the need to.Tempreture Deep Sea Survival Strategies ocean floors and search for food.

  • Food-

Food is extremely scarce in the deep sea. The production of new food is impossible as sunlight does not reach the depths of the ocean and so there is a lack of photosynthesis.

How do they survive without food?

All deep sea animals including sea anemones, tube worms, sponges, barnacles simply wait for the food to come down to the sea floor from above. They wait for the death of some pretty large animals like sharks, squids, dolphins or whales. As soon as its carcass sinks down, it provides a big feast for the creatures below.

Tsunamis, DEAD SEA LIFE this is BAD

2010-06-15 04:44:25 by capacommie2

From Tom Buyea FL News Service
The estimated super high pressure release of oil from under the earth’s crust is between 80,000 to 100,000 barrels per day.
The flow of oil and toxic gases is bringing up with it… rocks and sand which causes the flow to create a sandblasting effect on
the remaining well head device currently somewhat restricting the flow, as well as the drilled hole itself.
As the well head becomes worn it enlarges the passageway allowing an ever-increasing flow. Even if some device could be
placed onto the existing wellhead, it would not be able to shut off the flow, because what remains of the existing wellhead would
not be able to contain the pressure

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