Deep Sea demersal fish

深海7703mに住む魚 One question will have been borne if investigated about deep sea fish. I have a question what is the fish which lives in deep sea most. I investigated about this question this time.
The deepest deep sea in the world is Mariana Trench. It is said that it is about 10920 m in depth. Generally deep sea is the sea deeper than 200 m.
Considering that, it turns out that it is the world where deep sea is large and deep.
A fish called Yominoasiro is introduced first. A caudal fin is lost, and if the body sees from width, it is carrying out the form near a long and slender oval figure.

The length is a small fish of the grade over 10 cm. Compared with the same kind of deep sea fish fish, it is very small.As compared with the body, it is large, and a head becomes about 1/3, and a mouth's is large. Eyes are buried under the skin, and degenerate and are hardly conspicuous. The color of the body is a cinnamon color.

Near the trench of the super deep ocean floor is made into the habitat.
Food is a small living thing which lives in the dead body of the living thing which mainly falls from the upper sea, and the super deep sea in which it gathers in quest of it.
It has the deepest habitation record of 8370 m in all the fishes.
There is a possibility that a strange living thing will be discovered in super deep sea, still more. Therefore, the deep sea fish which lives in a future more deep place will be discovered.
Next, the fish to introduce is a fish called hadal snaiilfish. This fish is discovered in the deep sea in Japan. The body is flexible and it is carrying out it flabbily. Although a head is large, a caudal portion is an anticlimax, and when it sees from a top, it has a form similar to a tadpole. In about 10 ~ 20 cm, the length is 23.8 cm in full length at the maximum.
Some internal organs are transparent and it is visible. Eyes are black and small.

Snaiilfish is very pretty although there are many deep sea fish of the fearful appearance.
It is a demersal fish which inhabits the sea deeper than the depth of water of 6000 m, and lives near the seabed of a trench. It is in one of the kinds which conflicts and divides in deep sea fish and lives in a deep domain.The habitation region which is clear until now is restricted to the depths of the trench in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

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