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July / August Fishing Report

Deep sea fishing trips have been better then ever this summer! Every rock, ledge, wreck and natural reef has been loaded with fish. Species we are currently targeting are Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Gag and Red Grouper, Amberjack and Kingfish. 45′ – 80′ foot of water seems to be the best, especially for Red Grouper. Frozen sardines, live sardines and cigar minnows have been the bait of choice. It seems the hotter the weather the hotter the fishing!

Red Snapper will be closed after the 15th of July, but there are still plenty of fish to target. Amberjack will re-open August 1st and are still on most wrecks and springs. Live bait is a must, but we’ve been able load the live wells in about 15 minutes.

Kingfish have been a nice surprise on our deep sea trip. While we are on the bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper we have been throwing a free-lined sardine off the back. All the Grouper and Snapper coming up are drawing them in. The Kingfish are nice sized ones averaging 15 – 35 lbs.

Some tips

2006-02-23 12:07:51 by sleeplessinsfo

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