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Kevin Perry, of Wilmington, with the 1.20 lb. flounder that earned him second place Junior Angler in the NC Flatfish Championships.While it applies to many situations in life, the old adage “better to be lucky than good” is particularly apt when applied to fishing, and especially tournament fishing. Scott Scarola, Marc Lozier, Winston Brown, Aaron Enright, and Brian Libonati would definitely agree, as luck played a major role in their landing the 7.24 lb. flounder that anchored the 11.08 lb. two fish aggregate weight that secured their victory in the inaugural Fisherman’s Post Newspaper NC Flatfish Championship, held September 19-20 out of Carolina Beach’s Joyner Marina.
“This is the first flounder tournament we’ve ever fished, ” said Scarola, minutes before the anglers accepted the signed winner’s print and , 804 check they earned for first place in the aggregate category and the big fish TWT.
Deciding to target Snow’s Cut in their search for prize-winning flatfish, the Wilmington anglers caught several flounder, including two in the 3-4 lb.Scott Scarola, Marc Lozier, Aaron Enright, Winston Brown, and Brian Libonati with the 7.24 and 3.86 lb. flounder that earned them the title of NC Flatfish Champions and ,804. They caught the fish on live mullet and pogies around rockpiles in Snow's Cut. rockpiles and holes in the Cut over the morning’s incoming tide. After unsuccessfully fishing another rockpile in 15′ of water, they decided to move to their next hole around midday, but they couldn’t get their anchor free from the craggy bottom.
“We probably spent five minutes trying to get the anchor up, and I finally said ‘we’re stuck guys, I hope you like this spot’, ” Scarola explained. “I was saying ‘I hate the Cut’ at that point.”
Electing to fish their remaining baits in the hole instead of immediately cutting the anchor line, Scarola got a strike on a Carolina-rigged pogy shortly after the tide began falling at 1:00.
“I felt him hit, but I thought I was snagged because of the current, ” he said. “So I opened the bail and let him run out a little bit. I set the hook and thought I was snagged again, but as I pulled it he moved.”
With only 10 lb. line on the rod he was fishing, Scarola had to treat the fish gently in the current rolling through the Cut.
“Everyone asked if I was hung up, ” he continued, “and I said no. Then I brought him to the surface. When he came up, everybody got really excited.”
With only a broken freshwater trout landing net in the boat, the anglers had a conundrum on their hands.
“We were trying to back this truck of a fish into a broken net that was just a trout net, ” Libonati explained, “and everybody was just yelling at each other. It was fantastic.”

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Mediterranean Countries Should Boycott Israel

2007-10-28 14:35:04 by Anima_Sola

Israel has been named the biggest polluter in the Eastern Mediterranean with 140 tons of heavy metals dumped into the sea every year. But this is not the surprising news; as a matter of fact all the dumped waste is authorized by the government, therefore legal.
The report was issued by Zalul, a non-profit organization for the environment and conservation of the Red Sea. The organization was founded four years ago by prominent businesspeople, environmentalists, academics and public officials.
After winning its battle against fish cages that destroy the coral reefs of the Red Sea, Zalul is currently focusing on the wastewater permissions that are granted by the Israeli government

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