Mediterranean coastal fish

via weheartdiving.comThe sub-tropical climate and gentle currents of the Mediterranean Sea make it an ideal place for underwater exploration, with beautiful fish of all shapes and sizes inhabiting both its rocky coasts and distant depths. SCUBA divers flock from all over the world to get a look at the underwater treasures of the Mediterranean Sea, and we’ve got 10 of our favorite beautiful fish species lined up for you right here!

Rainbow Wrasse

Close to shore, the reefs and underwater caves of the Mediterranean are home to a variety of small, colorful fish. The rainbow wrasse is found near the shallows and is a brilliant silver with a red stripe down the length of its body.via its sex as it grows.

Mediterranean Parrotfish

The Mediterranean parrotfish is colored a brilliant red and yellow, with a striking saddle of silver across its back. This species can also change sex as necessary, but not all females will change sex in their lifetime.

Painted Comber

The painted comber is orange-red to a pinkish color, with darker colored vertical stripes along its body, with a shimmery silver-blue spot toward the tail end. This fish is a hermaphrodite, and spends the majority of its days in rocky cave areas, coming out at dusk to feed.

Tentacled Blenny

Bright blue dots and black stripes cover the elongated body of the Tentacled Blenny, while two tentacles perch atop its head, giving the fish a caterpillar-like appearance.

Atlantic Bonito

A coastal species that boasts a slightly larger size is the Atlantic Bonito. A prominent sail-fin and dark, oblique stripes along its blue form distinguish this beautiful fish.

via Simon K AgerAtlantic Bluefin Tuna

Much larger, more powerful fish inhabit the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Included among their numbers is the bluefin tuna, a species that is now threatened by overfishing.


Due to their impressive size, strength, and speed, the swordfish has long held the fascination of sportsfishermen in the Mediterranean.

Ocean Sunfish

The Sunfish tips the scales at 2, 200 lbs, making it one of the largest fish to inhabit the Mediterranean. Named sunfish because it is sometimes found drifting on its side at the surface, this species spends much of its time at depths down to 600 feet.

Flying Fish

Perhaps the most fascinating Mediterranean species is the flying fish. It uses two pairs of elongated pectorals to catch updrafts, sailing out of the water for distances of 1, 300 feet at heights of 20 feet.

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Mediterranean Countries Should Boycott Israel

2007-10-28 14:35:04 by Anima_Sola

Israel has been named the biggest polluter in the Eastern Mediterranean with 140 tons of heavy metals dumped into the sea every year. But this is not the surprising news; as a matter of fact all the dumped waste is authorized by the government, therefore legal.
The report was issued by Zalul, a non-profit organization for the environment and conservation of the Red Sea. The organization was founded four years ago by prominent businesspeople, environmentalists, academics and public officials.
After winning its battle against fish cages that destroy the coral reefs of the Red Sea, Zalul is currently focusing on the wastewater permissions that are granted by the Israeli government

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