Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics


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Modeling dissolved oxygen dynamics and coastal hypoxia: a review
M. A. Peña1, S. Katsev2, T. Oguz3, and D. Gilbert4
1Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, P.O. Box 6000, Sidney, B.C. V8L 4B2, Canada
2Large Lakes Observatory and Department of Physics, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2205 E. 5th Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55812, USA
3Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Erdemli, Turkey
4Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Institut Maurice-Lamontagne, 850 Route de la Mer, Mont-Joli, Québec G5H 3Z4, Canada
Abstract. Hypoxia occurs in marine ecosystems throughout the world, influences biogeochemical cycles of elements and may have severe impacts on marine life. Hypoxia results from complex interactions between physical and biogeochemical processes, which can not be addressed by observations alone. In this paper, we review oxygen dynamical models that have been applied in studies of factors controlling coastal hypoxia and in predictions of future states. We also identify scientific issues that need further development and point out some of the major challenges. Over recent decades, substantial progress has been made in the development of oxygen dynamical models. Considerable progress has been made towards the parameterization of biogeochemical processes in the water column and sediments, such as the dynamic representation of nitrification-denitrification. Recent advances in three-dimensional coupled physical-ecological-biogeochemical models allow better representation of physical-biological interactions. Several types of modelling approaches, from simple to complex, have significantly contributed to improve our understanding of hypoxia. We discuss the applications of these models to the study of the effects of oxygen depletion on biogeochemical cycles, links between nutrient enrichment and hypoxia development, impacts of hypoxia on marine ecosystems and predictions of climate change responses. However, for some processes models are still crude. For example, current representations of organic matter transformations and remineralization are incomplete, as they are mostly based on empirical parameterizations at few locations. For most of these processes, the...

Fish farming shouldnt be outlawed

2006-11-02 18:00:34 by ikkyu

There's forward progress in farming. one that's being used is large cages in the pelagic ocean rather than the more high density coastal pens. hawaiian moi is being farmed like that as are some salmon off the pacific northwest.
we really have no option but to go fwd and better manage the fish farms. wild populations cannot sustain the current fishing practices or catch quantities.
i just saw a sign in the window of whole foods th' other day. it seems chilean sea bass is off the danger list. how long d'you think before it's over fished again due to it's popularity?

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