Fish in UK coastal waters

The whitetip shark is notorious for targeting shipwreck survivorsThe whitetip shark is notorious for targeting shipwreck survivors

As the shark swam closer to the boat, seasoned skipper David Bond noticed the beast was about 14ft long and probably weighed more than 1, 000lb.

Then, just as silently as it had appeared, the giant predator sank slowly back into the deep.

While one maneater is enough to chill the bones of even the saltiest ­seadog, on Monday the respected Angling Times reported that a 10ft ­oceanic whitetip is also patrolling our waters.

The whitetip is notorious for targeting shipwreck survivors, most notably the unfortunate ­sailors who clung to wreckage of the USS Indianapolis after it was torpedoed during the Second World War in the Pacific Ocean.

In the hit 1975 film Jaws, ­Robert Shaw’s character Quint famously reveals he survived the USS ­Indianapolis frenzy and had hated sharks ever since.

Shark, Cornwall, sailors, 600, fishing, fishermanTerrorising the shores of Cornwall, fishermen say this is the largest they've seen

Angling Times said scientists in the UK and US had studied a ­photograph of bite marks on a blue shark caught off Falmouth and concluded a whitetip was the culprit.

Shark expert David Turner believes the warm summer has attracted sharks not normally seen in British seas. He said: “The water temperature is higher than it normally is on account of the decent weather we have had this year. That could have attracted large predatory sharks that are not usually found off our coast.

“This summer has definitely seen more shark sightings than previous years but we are not quite sure why.”

The first of the latest sightings this summer of a suspected great white came on Tuesday when a giant shark swam alongside a ­lobster boat for a few seconds.

It was the briefest of glimpses but the fisherman on board said he had never seen a shark that size before.

A day later, Mr Bond and Ian Harbage aboard the shark fishing boat Mystique were scanning the sea when the giant fin broke the water. An ominous dark shape appeared twice, about 75 yards from the boat, before slipping away. By the time Mr Harbage had gone to fetch a camera, it was too late.

Later that afternoon a third fishing crew were stunned to see a huge fish breach the water and as they got closer they ­estimated the fin to be easily six or seven feet away from the tip of the tail.

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Wrong! Shrimp are lower in mercury

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Q. What are the health effects associated with methylmercury exposure and who is at risk?
A. Nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of mercury, therefore people can be exposed to methylmercury by eating fish. While most people’s fish consumption does not cause a health concern, high levels of mercury in the blood stream can have an effect on the developing nervous system of young children and unborn babies. Therefore, according to the 2004 FDA/EPA consumer advisory on methylmercury in fish, pregnant women, nursing mothers, women of childbearing age and those who might become pregnant and young children should follow this advice:
The advisory currently states:
Do not eat Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury

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