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As we most definitely turn to autumnal gales, I wanted to share this one last shining moment of summertime dining that I first discovered just a few weeks ago. That is the delicious, crunchy, salty and all around weird delicacy – SAMPHIRE! According to Wikipedia this edible sea grass (pronounced sam-fyre), was originally known as “sampiere” in honour of St. Pierre patron saint of fisherman. Also known as sea asparagus or sea pickle this vegetable is found on rocky coastal outcrops or their surrounding marshland, usually shrouded in a constant battering of northerly oceanic spray. Since those that gathered the samphire were in obvious need of a patron saint, perhaps they thought naming it after him would increase their survival rate.

Samphire is even mentioned in King Lear (Act IV, Scene VI) “Half-way down Hangs one that gathers samphire, dreadful trade!”. dful … in King Lear…that’s gotta be a bench-mark of some kind. It was also used from the 14th century onwards in the production of both soap and glass making, giving rise to yet another of its names “glasswort”. This versatile green wonder is even being explored as a potential bio-diesel that can utilise area of coasts unsuitable for conventional crops. Huh, something new everyday.

My new favorite fish mongers, H.S. Murray in Inverkeithing, Fife

In my travels to locate a local source for Scotland’s bounty of shellfish, I was directed to a truly fabulous fish monger, H.S. Murray’s in Inverkeithing . It is everything you want such a shop to be; it was bright and clean, the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable and they seemed genuinely happy to have you try something new or special order anything they didn’t currently have in stock – take that standard customer service. H.S. Murray’s also supply the fish and shellfish to the highly regarded Room with View Restaurant in the nearby town of Aberdour. I have yet to dine there myself but I will let you know when I do!

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Wrong! Shrimp are lower in mercury

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Q. What are the health effects associated with methylmercury exposure and who is at risk?
A. Nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of mercury, therefore people can be exposed to methylmercury by eating fish. While most people’s fish consumption does not cause a health concern, high levels of mercury in the blood stream can have an effect on the developing nervous system of young children and unborn babies. Therefore, according to the 2004 FDA/EPA consumer advisory on methylmercury in fish, pregnant women, nursing mothers, women of childbearing age and those who might become pregnant and young children should follow this advice:
The advisory currently states:
Do not eat Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury

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