Coastal Fisherman first mako

Moore Bills Sport Fishing crew

Alistair McGlashan/facebook

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McGlashan jumped into the ocean to capture his crew's catch on camera so the photos could be used for documentation and published in magazines. The photojournalist was filming some of the stunning footage on his video camera when he suddenly felt a "swoosh" by his side.

Before the crew could release their catch, an impressive photobomber swam into the frame. A 660-lb mako shark dashed past McGlashan and began attacking the marlin. McGlashan lived through the surprise encounter to share his story and jaw-dropping footage.

"I've fished all my life and put in 200-plus days a year [on the water]. I get to see some amazing things, but the standout feature, the one thing that was most amazing and without a doubt the most scary, was swimming with a 330-kilo [660-pound] mako shark, " McGlashan explained in his YouTube video.

Marine Preserve proposal for SE Florida; at FWC

2008-03-04 08:39:50 by EarthRehab

Marine Preserve proposal w/ public hearing today..
Marine Preserve from coastline to 90 ft. for SouthEast Florida proposal.
(credit to Sun Sentinel)
The federal government is now proposing to declare an extensive protected area for the two species from the coasts of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties through the Florida Keys to the U.S. islands of the Caribbean.
Designation of the 4,931-square-mile area could affect plans for beach-widening, port expansions, sewage discharges, ship anchoring and other coastal activities

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