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Washington Razor Clam
Management Briefing:

This season setting package includes:

  • Season options for 2013-14
  • Review of the 2012-13 season
  • Marine toxin update / ORHAB
  • Status of Razor Clam stocks
  • Tribal Co-Management

Shellfish managers will present an update on coastal razor clam stocks and options for structuring this year’s season at a public meeting Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. at the City of Long Beach Depot, located at 102 Third St., NW.

Over time, the management of razor clams and the setting of recreational seasons have become more complicated. Historically, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife - (WDFW), formally the Department of Fisheries, conducted mark/recapture population estimates and then opened all the major management beaches on the coast at the same time. Usually these were very liberal seasons that depended on limits and other restrictions to balance the resource with the number of users. Dramatic increases in the number of clam diggers, a devastating clam disease, the addition of tribal harvesting and increases in marine toxins have lead to the need for a more conservative and scientific approach to management.

In more recent years, the total number of days open for harvest are reduced to a total as few as15 to 35 days for the entire season (October to May). Each beach is now managed as a separate entity with razor clam openers that often vary by beach. Diggers have become more flexible and those who traditionally only harvested razor clams on one particular beach are now more likely to go to which ever beach is open. However, diggers need to continue to be aware of which beach is open which day - before leaving home.

The season setting process starts with a very detailed summer population analysis of each beach. After population sampling is completed, the total number of clams is estimated along with an estimate of the number of clams under 3 inches (pre-recruits) and clams over 3 inches (recruits). Pre-recruits sized clams are not considered part of the population available for harvest. Such small clams do not tend to "show" and are not usually part of the catch.

Marine Preserve proposal for SE Florida; at FWC

2008-03-04 08:39:50 by EarthRehab

Marine Preserve proposal w/ public hearing today..
Marine Preserve from coastline to 90 ft. for SouthEast Florida proposal.
(credit to Sun Sentinel)
The federal government is now proposing to declare an extensive protected area for the two species from the coasts of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties through the Florida Keys to the U.S. islands of the Caribbean.
Designation of the 4,931-square-mile area could affect plans for beach-widening, port expansions, sewage discharges, ship anchoring and other coastal activities

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