Coastal Andhra fish Curry

Ashoka - KKD (500x375).jpgDisclaimer : All pics posted here are as presented to us by the restaurants. The light was dim inside the restaurants we visited and had to use flash extensively. All recipes described are reproduced verbatim - as told to us either by their chefs or owners. Pics and recipes of only a few restaurants we visited are described here as we found them to be unique and learnt something new. Our experiences at other places were very average with respect to food taste and quality.

The trip itself started off on a bad note with me missing the early morning flight to Vizag from where I was to join my friend Prasad on this much anticipated trip. A few hectic calls later, and having no other convenient flight on the same day, decided to take the 18 hour bus ride to Vizag. The bus started at 5pm from KR Puram and by 9.30 pm was told that we are already about 1.5 hours late due to the Telangana agitation that was ongoing.Fish Pulusu - KKD.jpg . So promptly took an auto ride to his place to join the party. We started to plan our long ride scheduled for the next day and decided that we will leave Vizag by 7.30 am.

After a quick breakfast, we set off pretty much on time and the ride to Kakinada ( our first stop ) was uneventful. We reached just before the hectic lunch time usually begins. From the list we made ( references from fiends ), our first stop was “Raju Gari Mess”. Reached there after a long search only to realize that the place had shut down a few weeks ago. So much for our eagerness to taste the food of the region.

Crab Fry - KKD.jpgWithout wasting much more time, we went in search of “Hotel Ashoka”. Found the place without much difficulty and introduced myself and asked for the owner. No prizes for guessing that the owner was not available that day. We persisted and managed to convince the manager that we were not from any food inspection authority and that we will not write about anything other than their food. The manager smiled and we then knew we could taste the food and get some information as well.

We were given samples of Fish Pulusu, Crab Fry and Chicken Fry. The unique thing about the items made here as told by the manager “ All our curries and fries are made with lots of oil and freshly ground masalas". The Fish Pulusu was practically swimming in oil and was very dark red / brown in color. Needless to say the color comes from red chillies and the spice comes from an equal number of green chillies. The taste was finger licking good. We were also told that they make the fish pulusu very early in the morning as it tastes much better a few hours after cooking and tastes the best when made in the night and served for lunch the following day. The fish used is known as Bocha in Telugu ( Also known as Catla ). The best fish ( according to the manager ) for the pulusu is always from fresh water. Pulusu made from sea fish is apparently not as tasty as the one made from river fish and is not considered authentic. Pic below

Subbaiah Hotel.jpg Vankaya - KKD.jpg Coringa.jpg Green.jpg

Ocean Habitat Extinction

2011-06-21 13:13:19 by FWLittle

Frightening new dynamics have emerged about
the Planet's ecosystem. Thousands of ocean species are dying which will soon result in complete ocean restructuring or perhaps total ocean destruction. That portends BIG MONEY change and crises of alarming magnitude. To conclude the planet's absolute nature balance will reorder only scratches the matter's impact. Caused by pollution poisoning and global warming, then exacerbated by over-fishing, this nightmare unfolds a scenario
dwarfing any Loch Ness fantasy version.
What can be done to stop/delay the situation?
First easiest solution suggests government legislation to monitor, control catch and provide disciplinary corrections

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