African Coastal Fish

EJF report on illegal fishing

African Journal of Aquatic Science - Vol. 29, No. 2 (2004)
Book Review Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa By Rob C Hart (2004). Request Article. Rob C Hart, School of Botany & Zoology, University of kwazulu-Natal...
title: Coastal fishes of Southern Africa. Authors: Heemstra, P.; Heemstra, E. Corp.authors: National Inquiry Service Centre, Grahamstown (South ...

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Heemstra Coastal Fish Posters: Coastal Fishes Of Southern Africa 1: Inshore: double laminated ... Coastal Fishes Of Southern Africa 3: Coral & Rocky Reefs ...

NHBS - Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa - Phil Heemstra and ...
Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa, Phil Heemstra and Elaine Heemstra, NHBS Evironment Bookstore.

NISC South Africa
Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa. This up-to-date guide to over 400 species of the fascinating fishes along the coast of southern Africa is written for ...

About the East Coast Fish-Watch Project
One of the major achievements in the past five years for Dr and Ms Heemstra has been the publication of their book – Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa.

The South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity
The long-awaited Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa by Phil and Elaine Heemstra ... at the launch of Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa at the South African ...

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Accessible and easy to navigate, Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa features over 600 detailed original paintings. These show, for example...

Ocean Habitat Extinction

2011-06-21 13:13:19 by FWLittle

Frightening new dynamics have emerged about
the Planet's ecosystem. Thousands of ocean species are dying which will soon result in complete ocean restructuring or perhaps total ocean destruction. That portends BIG MONEY change and crises of alarming magnitude. To conclude the planet's absolute nature balance will reorder only scratches the matter's impact. Caused by pollution poisoning and global warming, then exacerbated by over-fishing, this nightmare unfolds a scenario
dwarfing any Loch Ness fantasy version.
What can be done to stop/delay the situation?
First easiest solution suggests government legislation to monitor, control catch and provide disciplinary corrections

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